Hard to find the right girl!  

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8/18/2005 6:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hard to find the right girl!

We've been talking about how hard it is actually finding a girl to have sex with in a threesome... First of, it's extremely hard to find them at places like this, because you still need them to be compatible, and you would of course like them to be what you wanted too right?.. Well it's just really hard.... And actually meating someone IRL, without ever having talked here.. Well that's even harder... How do you contact a girl, who may or may not be bisexual and may or may not be interrested.. It's extremely hard... Worst case scenarios here: You ask a girl you've known for a little while.. maybe a couple of days.. but she's not at all interrested and even less bisexual, and she starts shouting about harrasment and starts blabbing to everyone you know about what a pervert you are (not that I've tried this... it's just a theoretical worst case scenario)... But shit it's hard!

StarShapedGeeza 30M
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8/18/2005 6:49 am

I suppose there's no easy way.
Why don't you and your friend (who you'd like to be with in a 3sum) have a girly night in. Get ale etc and get close, if needs be flick through the TV channels and end up on the porn channels (most of that is Woman on Woman). Ask her what she thinks about it, if she says "ewwww no" then you know not to say anything, if she says "I'm not sure" that means she's curious, from then you see if she'd like to do it by asking questions and if one thing leads to another then you'll end up doing it there and then, but alone. You're best off doing it alone first, there and then if you can because if she thinks about it to long the idea might scare her). Once she's done it she'll know if she likes it or not and will be more comfortable the next time.
Good luck.


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