1st Entry, Single Guys  

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7/16/2005 10:33 am

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1st Entry, Single Guys

Hello All!
Welcome to our blog! This week is going to be a brief intro to what this is going to be and our thoughts of the issue of single guys. We'd like to use this as a forum in which all who read this have a say (positive as well as negative)as to what the current discussion is. Let's not attack here, but be constuctive! We've never done a blog before but this will be fun and interesting.
Ok, single guys, for the most part, have a bad . Unfortunately, a few bad apples have poisoned the bunch. Why? Because there have been; Cheaters, which is NOT what swinging is about. Egos, ah yes they beloved, "My dick and tounge will pleasure you all night" profile. These sort of things, along with the ratio of single guys to couples is way out of balance, gives the impression of that men have found a place where they can go, hopefully find some people to have no strings attached sex with and only that purpose (notch carvers as we like to call them). Which we don't think swinging is about that, but some people like that and that is cool too, just not for us.
We'd like to hear from some guys out there to be honest and tell us what it's like to be a single guy out in the swinging world. Couples too, horror stories as well as the good things of meeting single guys. It might be a good way for everybody to see the other side of the story to get some understanding happening. And who knows, maybe the single guys out there might get some "street cred" back ! Type away folks!!

diggster 45M
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3/4/2007 3:43 pm

Ok swingers I think you got it down. Us single guys do get a bad for sure. Yea I understand that you couples don't want to deal with some fat hairy guy filling your screen with a bunch of bullsh** about how he is going to rock your world. Flip the script and you wouldn't even imagine how many times there is some hottie with her pictures burning up the internet with hopes only to be doused by some overweight husband making demands on how things are "going to be". Chances are he can't even satisfy your needs. Not saying that there is reason to give the single guys out there a chance to "prove it", but just remember that all single guys aren't single because they can't get a woman of his own. Just think twice before ya blast single mankind on generalities.

rm_Mittybuns2 44M/49F
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3/18/2007 7:07 pm

Hey Diggster!
Thanks for responding to my blog! It's so cool that a dialouge has been established! Now for some clairification...
I think that if you re-read the article you will find that I NEVER made any "generalities" and am quite a proponent of single men on AdultFriendFinder. In addition, not once in the blog did I mention, or imply, that ANY single guy on AdultFriendFinder is there because they can't get a woman of his own. On the contrary, it takes a lot of confidence and a great sense of self to even post an ad. If I were single, I would be here too! Which is the quandry isn't it?
And it's not so much "hairy guys" trying to sweep anyone off their feet. It's really the dishonest, married men that I was referring to. As well as the, "over confident" Perhaps I should have been clearer?
Again, thanks for the post! Hopefully we can get this to a productive resolution to HELP single mankind!

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9/26/2007 7:55 pm

HI I am one of the good guys who has tried just about every thing and still can't get lucky been a member on and off for two years and sent hundreds of emails and got few real responses and have only worked it out a couple times and none of them worked out tobe what I am hunting for. Just have no luck or bad luck

mrsavage 54M  
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9/30/2007 9:45 am

I'm always intrigued by the double standard that 'swingers' have regarding married guys cheating. Once, out of desperation, I made up a married woman cheating profile and guess what? I had my inbox filled with couples (and guys) who had no problems wantingto play with me!! Go figure huh??

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