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10/27/2005 10:18 pm

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Last night while working I had one of those 'first time for everything' moments. I got pulled over and got...a warning! Holeee Shit! 17 years of driving and finally..no ticket!

Female officer who claims I was going 'a little fast' into a construction zone was nice enough to let me go..to be honest I don't think she knew what the speed limit was there lol.
I'm sure she wanted me and was just being nice..who knows

In other news..i've been told i work too much..who woulda guessed that??

Lets see..what else? having a cold sucks! But it's going away..yay me!

I could have sworn i had more to say but it's 1am and im working on 5 hours of sleep thanks to a long day and night at work and then the plumbers showing up. You'd think they could find a quiet way to blast holes in the walls!

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