to move or not to move  

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6/1/2005 8:07 pm

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to move or not to move

well, we're stuck in a dilemma, kinda wanna stay at our current apt's cuz they're so close to work & would mean delaying the whole moving process (which sucks so bad!).... buuuuut, we're paying too much for what we've got & are stuck with a somewhat irresponsible roommate (just needs to figure out that it's more important to pay bills than take out chics, even if thier ass is *that* fantastic)... oh, and to make things more fun, we have to figure it all out w/in a week :ACK: as we just found out the leasing company requires 30 day written notice to move out (I just figured they kicked u out on the last day, at least thats what the previous apt complexes did). so neways, struck a deal with one of the leasing agents so we can move to a diff apt in the same complex if need be (without a damn transfer fee), so at least that way we will no longer suffer living below a couple that can't figure out how to balance a load of laundry and thus serenade us with the rhythmic beating of the tumbler drum. or nextdoor to the pool either, cuz moving in we all thought "Pool = Chics in Bikini's" so couldn't have asked for a better set-up, but we quickly came to find that at this complex "Pool = scary dripping old people and screaming kids"... and we were priviledged enough to catch not 1, not 2, not 3, not even 4, but 8 couples doin the nasty in the community hot tub. Now if you're sneaky enough to get away with it, more power to you, you deserve to keep ur genes in the gene pool, but otherwise get the fuck out. I mean, we were going out to the deck to smoke a cigarette at like 6pm while's it's still all bright outside and there's a couple humping in the pool & another couple in the hot tub! :shudders: not a pretty sight to behold either, certainly didn't play up to what Stuff makes it seem like it should be... (i know, i know, i'm dreaming)

so anyways, moving from that mental picture...

I finally gave in to my inner-nerd & saw the new Star Wars, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it an 8. Really good, but I still liked Episode 1 better... now off to play Magic, need to make a new deck so I can play something the guys won't be expecting, bwahahaha

and I am now 1 week medication free! :trumpet fanfare: I'm a little achy and stiff, but hella better than what i was! and so after 13 years of chronic pain management, 5 broken bones, 9 concussions, and numerous torn ligaments. Here's my official position on pharmeceutical drugs/treatment - as Jay n Silent Bob would say, "FUCK THEM ALL, FUCK THEM RIGHT IN THEIR STUPID ASSES!"

(and here's a complete random moment, check out the new mood i found, wooooo!)

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