moving blues  

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6/6/2005 2:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

moving blues

I hate packing, trying to decide what I'm going to need for the next 3 weeks and what I can wait to pack... oy veh, annoying! thankfully we aren't moving far so most of it won't get packed til the last minute & my hubby, Phill, can get oodles of boxes from work whenever (YAY!)

oh, I watched Be Cool last night, sooooooo fuckin funny!! Anyone who liked Pulp Fiction will love this movie, and Uma's hotter than ever (well maybe with the exception of some scenes from kill bill 1&2)

takin the day off from work today so I can let my back rest (had some rather frisky sex last night that managed to throw my back out of alignment) and trying to just stay high as a kite so I dont feel it.. so far, so good! I'm so happy to be off my RX meds tho, I may still have bad days like today, but I always have the possibility of that day being a good or even a great day! On my meds it was just a medicated day, regardless. Odd isn't it, my mood improves after i stop taking the anti-depressants, lol. Well, "God makes it best" I say, so give me a natural mood enhancer anyday over something a chemist created. And if I know my back, I'll be back to normal by tonight

yeah, yeah, i know, i'm not too normal, but i'll be as normal as i get haha

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