Small Steps...  

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7/26/2005 9:38 am

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Small Steps...

Well welcome to this little corner of me.

Being on AdultFriendFinder has been quite the adventure- some good, some not so hot- but I've definately learned quite alot about the human condition.

First off- some ground rules and facts you should know.

I may have what's considered by societal standards to be very open on a sexual basis but I do have my own standards.

I don't see anyone 10 years over my age. No exceptions.

I am bisexual but I have a certain type that I like.
I am attracted to straightforward people- if you're blunt and you know what you like- let me know. I stick to the body type I have listed on here.

You will NOT get a reply back from me if your message does not contain the spark of imagination.
Pictures and honesty are your best friends.

And I'm a geek- expect geek like bauble to spill from my lips- be it what my thief is doing in the table top game or a quote from "Firefly".

Well now, if I still have any readers- welcome again.

My name is Kitty, I'm currently 28 but I don't look, act or feel that age.
I'm a tomboy at heart, and have a good dose of "Peter Pan" syndrome. I'm known for being fiery of spirit. And I am told I look best in my purple corset.

My main pic was taken while I was drunk and fooling around with my scanner. Later on whilst I was more sober I sat down with MS Paint and made it into the lil' piece of art it is today.

I have yet to find anyone who values romance on here yet. Which is sad because I believe that you can have romanantic night with all the bells and whistles and still walk away from it the next morning if you want.

Well thanks for reading.

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