Thanksgiving far from home.....  

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11/22/2005 9:28 pm

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Thanksgiving far from home.....

In advance I will say this is your typical mushy Thanksgiving wish, so if you want to turn would be the time.
You see last Jan. my husband and I made a descision to change our lives. Had you told me that 8 months from that point I would be living in Ohio, I would have told you that you were nuts. Yet that is exactly what has happened. On my birthday, (Jan.27th) my husband got a job. A job in NEW YORK CITY.....We grew up in small towns in Eastern Oregon. I had spent 28 years there, I didn't know anything else. Don't get me wrong I did alot of traveling as a child. Saw 26 of the 50 states before I was 13, but Oregon was home. My family is there, my friends, and all my memories. So to be driving myself and all my belongings 3000 miles to the east was a bit of a shocker.
Well we got settled the best we could and started to make way around. Managed to make a few friends, but mostly WE HATED it. Crowded, too much traffic, my lord the rudeness was terrible and our jobs were horrible. Luckly an oppurtunity came along that we couldn't pass up. Though it ment moving 400 miles west, we didn't mind. Cleveland seems more like home then anywhere else. We have only been here 4 short weeks, but already love it. People here are wonderful. And it reminds us of the home we left behind.
I guess my point is this, and not to be cliche, but when you find yourself somewhere new at a time when you need the old, remember.......
Home is truely where your heart is.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to be safe.


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