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12/11/2005 8:19 pm

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Oil me baby

You walk in, towel wrapped tightly around your waist, glad to finally be able to get a good massage. Your skin chills as you stretched out on the cool leather massage table. You wait patiently for the therapist to come in. Soon you hear the door open from the entryway behind you.
“Good afternoon in there! Give me one sec. I need to wash off my hands, then I will be right in.” came a sweetly familiar voice.
“ I hope you are ready for a long massage. You seem to be my last client today, so I can take as long a needed to work your muscles.” I continued.
That voice was just to familiar, you lift your head to look. Just then I walk through the entryway. My eyes meet yours.
“Brandy?” you question.
“Mike!” I retort.
You notice that my face lights as I realized that it was you.
“What are you doing here?” we both clamor.
With a soft giggle I start to explain that this was my second job. I had my license for sometime, but I never told anyone because I didn’t want to give out any freebies. As I worked getting all the material ready for your session you stared playfully at me. The uniform was quite becoming you thought. The tight black cotton of the shirt clung tautly to my perky nipples. Often you had wondered what they might feel like pressed between your lips.
“Well I guess I know what you are here for. Are you ready to get started?” I say flashing a flirtatious smile.
As you lye out flat you start to feel the small drops of oil dot your back. Then the silky touch of each of my fingers gliding repeatedly over your tense muscles. Hard I push at the tissue, yet gently enough to completely relax you. The warmth of my hands and softness of my skin felt so good. Your mind begins to wonder, imagining the velvet skin of my fingers working the length of your stiff dick. Just then I lean across to work the shoulders. You can feel my big beautiful breast pressed firm against your back. You think about what it might be like to have them wrapped tightly around your aroused cock.
“Mike, you still with me?
My voice temporarily breaks your excitement. Wearily you turn your head and look at me.
“Sorry I was thinking about something.” You reply.
My hands move to your calves still oiled from working your back. Slowly I inch my way up your legs. You start to squirm a bit as you feel my fingers slip under the edge of your towel. You keep the hope that I will reach over and take your manhood between my oiled hands. The more I massage and oil the harder you grow under your terry cloth towel. Soon you are so aroused that you can’t hardly lay there. As I stop to grab more oil you roll over and sit up. Surprised as I see you sit there. You quickly pull me to you and strip my shirt from my body. Leaving my soft white breast exposed and eager with anticipation. Snatching the oil from my hand you drizzle it all over my chest. Each one of your fingers trace circles around my erect nipples. I quickly take my queue from you, reaching out swiftly to unravel your now tented towel.
“ I have thought about this a million times.” You admit as you slide off the table.
You pick me up and place me on the massage table. The leather is still warm and oiled from your body. I lay back as you join me on the table, straddling me you lower yourself to my oiled breasts. I press them together as you slide slowly between them. You felt so soft, yet you were powerful and demanding. Your hips thrust forward over and over. You can tell that I am enjoying it too because with each push my back arches higher and higher. We moan low and muffled as to not get caught. Your hands grasp my boobs tightly together leaving my hands free to roam and play.
I quickly find my way to your thick balls dangling above my skin. Gently pulling and kneading them as I do the same to my aching clit. I can feel that you are close to climax as your balls retract in my hand. Paced and deep you drive your massive head between my breast repeatedly. Moments later there is a release of warm juices covering me as huge orgasm over powers your body. You lean against the wall as I reach above me for a towel. I wipe myself clean and sit up to meet you face to face. I kiss you full on the lips deep and passionate. Then I pull away to say,
“ That has never happened before. I think maybe I used to much oil.”

WoundFossaTinge 38M

12/12/2005 7:33 am

Fantastic story... there is just something fun and exotic about massages and titty f^<k!ng... sorry I couldn't come up with a better word for the sexual act, I just don't know any other way of describing it.

WoundFossaTinge 38M

12/12/2005 8:50 pm

Sorry, the rest of that should have said, sorry for being so crass and not coming up with a better name for the activity, but its the only one I could think of at the time or even now for that matter. Great post...

need_4more2 44M

12/17/2005 1:36 pm

Yep. My favorite subject! Nice writing. Great story. Fantastic ending!


BROC817 44M

3/2/2006 9:38 pm

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assistance2005 61M

7/17/2006 2:21 pm

MinouNero, You are one beautiful woman, with one beautiful figure.I like you! Why do you think that men only like your breasts? I don't know why but I love your face, the clothes you choose, and the way you write! I'm new to Friendfinders, but you already have me fantasizing about you. I haven't even sent in any picturers of myself yet, but I sure would like to get to meet you soon, massage you in the oil, kiss your body, rub your clit, do whatever you would like to fulfill any fantasies. And I would love for you to do to me whatever turns you on the most. I really would like to meet you!

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