The Dinner That Could Be  

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The Dinner That Could Be

As we were seated the waiter asked for our drink orders, I told him anything with vodka in it, he looked towards Jessica eyeing her very sexy outfit and she replied the same. We were both fairly nervous neither of us knew exactly what to expect, so we decided to get a bit drunk with dinner to help ease the tension. About half way threw dinner I started to feel a foot slowly start rubbing my leg, I look over at Jessica and she was grinning wickedly at me. I had a pretty good idea what she was thinking, but being myself I did not say a thing. She started to move further and further north, she eventually got high enough she started rubbing my cock and she knew it. I started rubbing her leg threw her thin jeans, in the middle of the restaurant she let out a low but very noticeable noise it was a cross between a moan and a yelp. The old couple behind us definitely heard her as they turned around and looked at us. She winked at me and leaned over asking if I wanted to take off from dinner early. Without hesitation I called the waiter over and told him to grab the check. I just threw down what was owed and about a ten or fifteen dollar tip not wanting to wait. We quickly walked out of the restaurant and jumped into my truck, driving quickly down the highway heading for the hotel we were planning on staying. She was getting frisky in the passenger’s seat started rubbing my cock, kissing my neck and playing with her chest which I always loved to watch. She got me so distracted I almost ran off the road twice and asked her if she could wait the five minute drive to the hotel. She promptly grinned, said no and told me to drive faster. We eventually arrived at the hotel she waited at the elevators while I checked in. The female clerk was smiling the whole time looking at her and me. She gave me the room key and told me to have fun. I quickly said thanks and nearly ran to the elevator about half way realizing what she had said, Jessica quickly grabbed me and leaned up and kissed me.

I had my bag in one hand and Jess in the other as we jumped on the elevator, our room was on the third floor so it was going to be a short elevator ride. Jessica had other plans unfortunately she told me she had never had sex in an elevator before. I told her we could try it another day she looked at me with a very dark expression on her face. She hit the stop button on the elevator and told me to turn the security camera so they could not see us. Well I knew if I didn’t do what she told me to, I might as well just go back home. So I quickly unplugged the security camera and started undoing my jeans. Jessica looked at me with surprise in her eyes and said she was only joking. I looked fairly embarrassed standing there with my pants down. Jessica quickly fixed that by dropping to her knees in front of me, I was very surprised by what she was doing, but she pulled my cock out of my shorts then started gliding up and down on it, she kept looking up at me with her innocent eyes the whole time which drove me wild. I was still in disbelief that she was sucking my cock in a hotel elevator. After about five minutes she pulled up my pants gave me a kiss and a wink then restarted the elevator. Since there were two elevators nobody missed the one that was not working for five minutes. We quickly got into the room and shut the door behind us, we had been waiting weeks for this night. I lifted her up and tossed her on the bed and we started tearing each other’s clothing off. She started with my pants, I started with her shirt. Feeling her breasts threw her shirt while taking it off got me even harder and she felt it taking off my pants and shorts.
As we lay on the bed together she got another wicked grin again and slowly made her way to my bag knowing what I had brought. She pulled out the nylon rope and blindfold, she grinned again and tossed the rope to me and pulled up a chair. Bending over the back of the chair she put on the blindfold and grabbed the front of it. I tied her ankles and hands to the chair and put a pillow between her and the chair since I knew I was going to be pounding her really hard. I even told her why when she asked about the pillow, this just got her hotter, but the plan was to tease her for a good long while before she got what she wanted. With she was blindfolded and at my bidding I had many plans for her. Her ass looked so perfect I had to play with it for a bit, so I slapped it a few times and massaged it. She moaned softly enjoying me playing with it and rubbing her pussy every now and again. Then I took my cock and rubbed it against her clit this made her beg me to shove it into her. I held back my own desires and just rubbed her pussy with it some more. She begged even harder after that, at which point I went over to her gave her a nice long kiss and then put my cock 2 inches from her mouth. She could smell it she kept trying to reach it, but I kept it just out of reach, after about thirty seconds I decided she was being teased enough and let her have a nice good taste of things to come. After she had got finished with me I went behind her and started licking her, slowly at first then a bit quicker. She got pretty close, but then I stopped.
This is where the story is going to end, for the time being.

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