My current mindset  

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6/23/2006 9:07 pm

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6/24/2006 9:01 am

My current mindset

I can't decide if I'm better off in a relationship, or just going for the quick bang-bang.

My mind is a bit cluttered these days. I've been caught up with health issues. And, on top of that I've been the horniest that I can remember in quite some time.

I think it goes back a couple of months. I was out of town on business and stopped by a strip club in the area. I'd sat there watching the dancers, a fairly good selection of beautiful young ladies. But I kept seeing this one wander around in the back. She never did get on the stage. But she came over to me and asked if I wanted a dance. Looking at her, and I can't do justice with a description, there was no way I could refuse her.

We went to the back, not the Champagne Room, but the smallish booths. She proceeded to give the greatest lap dance that I'd ever had. It was all I could do to remember that she was simply selling a fantasy. A damned good fantasy!

She kept eye contact as much as possible. She worked me over fairly well. Commented on how my penis was the perfect size and position for the dance. All just fantasy, but all the right words to keep it going.

Likely, I'll never have the pleasure of experiencing time with Britney again. But the memory lives on in my mind, and my crotch. I really need to get laid.

Fuck buddy anyone?

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