Michael J D.: Seeks Friend, Date, or Mate...  

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9/14/2005 7:57 am

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Michael J D.: Seeks Friend, Date, or Mate...

Im Michael, Mike, Mikie, Anything but late for Dinner:

I've a cents of Huma? (New EnglandA's Say it that way, ya, we do? Go Figure?

Im a DWM: X Jock, Intellectual: Ive played Sports all of my Life; (Big Basketball Player); So, Im in Good Shape. I'm Six (6')-Foot Tall; 195 Lbs., Athletic Build (Sports Player, Weight Lifter).

I LOVE LIFE (Cereal that is) after all, I'm Mikie? I Like Everything, that's Good for You. Ive three (3) Older, somewhat successful children (Living out of R.

I Like to Do, just about Everything, Fun, that is. Jet Ski, Swim, Boggie Board. I'm up for New Experiences, Provided they Don't get me in Trouble.

I Like to Party: a Bit. Eat Out, Clubs, Play Pool, Listen to Bands, Concerts, Thearter, Plays & Play Sports, Trumpet, Chess, too;

Im a Natural at Most everything, I do. I am very Experienced with Pleasing a Woman (Tantric, Etc.). Love the Beaches in Rhode Island. Im Mature, but Told I Look 16 years Younger than I am & Im Very Active, too.

Ive a New (Black) Chrysler Concorde, Limited & it is Sweet, A Cape, Fat Wallet, State Job, Gas bills,..., Lols,... (To be continued),... Lols,...

Pic is me Playin Pool @ my Brothers House against my Son.

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