Friends wanted my opinion  

rm_MichaelB46 56M
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8/21/2006 2:23 pm
Friends wanted my opinion

Hi, Listen, friends tell me that they are not happy with there marriage , Well all I got to say is Take time and have time ,and find out what that persons interests are, listen to the person needs,Just don't come home and sit in front of that TV watch a program or sports and drink you a beer or soda or do things your just interests in and don't tune out your spouse or relationship.I know your tired from work but you spouse is tired too they work to, help around the house, clean or cook I would And if you spouse want you to go out and do something with them do it. You have plenty of time to watch TV when you get old, it might surprise you ,you might even have fun, live life. I like to touch the person I care about to let her know I really care, I caress her body and massage her feet , and give her flowers and bring her a drink and I try to stay in shape so I can be still attracted to the one i care about and love,. Just take time out with the one you love and don't just do thing your just interests . do things they might be interests , cause I did and I had fun , Cherish the love you have or you might lose them Take Care Michael

P.S. I know some might think this is corny or stupid but i hear all the time about how a lot people are unhappy with the one they love or did love , just remember how you felt when you couldn't wait to see that person when you met them and how that feeling is gone now, Don't you wish you had that back

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