Support our troops!  

rm_Michael6686 49M
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3/28/2006 9:33 pm
Support our troops!

Disclaimer: This is not in support of ANY political entity, anywhere. This is written in support of our "boys overseas," wherever they may be. If you fight to sleep at "night" hearing mortars and the sound of "hot lead," I support you guys and gals. I have an idea of what it feels like. I have slept on a live Mk 48 torpedo before.

I would like to encourage everyone in this community to support our troops, even if their orders are not clear and the intel is vague, but their mission is to return to base.

If you know of any military personnel overseas, send them an email of gratitude. Something as small as that could help their survival doing what I am "too old" to do myself...protecting your freedom.

Never take it forgranted!

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