Bored, lonely and uninspired  

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3/15/2006 11:07 am
Bored, lonely and uninspired

You get to a point when chat, phone sex and looking at pictures of naked women doesn’t work anymore. It’s odd how back home, I could look out the window and seem to get laid, but not in sunny south Florida.

So night after night, I search through the profiles of AdultFriendFinder looking for my next potential sex partner, occasionally sending an email or two. Night after night, it’s the same girls (or women) that have already rejected me for one reason or another. I have never “hounded” a woman in the past and I won’t start now.

My right arm is a little bit bigger than my left, what would appear to be “attempted suicide by masturbation.” I don’t even think that’s possible…hold on, I know that’s not possible.

Then, look what walks in the door today at work but a new hot trainee. Ashley is her name. She stands 5’7” and has her long dirty blond haired pulled on top of her head, as the restaurant business requires. She has a rocking little body with a gorgeous ass and B-sized breasts. She has spirit and fight and a lot of attitude. We start talking and at one point she comes up and says “We’ll hit it off just fine. You seem like the kind of guy I get along with.” She’s 20, I don’t own this business and I’m not her boss. She’s worldly, but still a little na├»ve, especially if she wants to play with me. “Holy shit,” I think. “She’s fair game and I think she likes me!” While she sits down to eat her “shift meal” at a slow point in the day, every time I pass by, our eyes meet and she raises her eyebrows at me, as if to say, “Wanna fuck after work?” I raise my eyebrows in reply, not sure what I am communicating, but hoping it’s taken as an affirmative response. When I pass her again, she does it again, but this time with a little twinkle in her eye. “What’s this girl doing, hitting on me on her first day of work?” Well, her trainer pulls her away from contact with me, I get busy with my next tables and she gets sent home. I don’t get anymore contact with her that day except when she walks up and says “I’m leaving!” and darts out the back door. At least, I get to watch that sweet, perfect, khaki-clad ass walking away from me. “Parting is such sweet sorrow” couldn’t be a truer emotion for me right now.

She’s not the kind of girl I could fall in love with, but she’s definitely the kind of girl I could fuck for several hours. She never spoke of a boyfriend or a significant other. That is just more potential confirmation that she’s fair game. She mentioned she has a love for the French culture; I speak French from three years of school and working in a French-owned, French-speaking restaurant a couple of years before. She smokes; I smoke. She’s a Scorpio; I’m a Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp. She is flirting with me harder than any woman has in about three and a half years.

I get home and start to remember her and fantasize about her body. I touch myself already getting hard from the sights and smells of Ashley I experienced earlier in the day. As I move my tight grip slowly up and down my seven inches, I envision what it would feel like to feel her hot, soft mouth sliding up and down the first half of my cock, gently swirling her tongue around over the head.
Every other stroke or so, she gazes into my eyes to make sure I’m enjoying it. How could I not be? I loosen my grip and start to go faster. Now, I think of what it would be like to have that tight little ass in the air for me, my cock plunging in and out of her tight wet box. I can feel her cum splashing out of her in waves and running down her legs and in between my thighs. I know it’s cum. I know what blood smells and feels like and she’s not crying in pain. She’s almost whimpering and gasping, caught in waves of multiple orgasms. With every almost exhausted exhale all I can hear is a faint “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me…” Then, she breathes again and repeats. I look down at her face and her mascara is all over the place. As I finally start to gain a little more friction from her starting to dry out I approach my own special nirvana, still pounding her young, tight pussy for all it can handle. “Cum inside my pussy, I’m begging you!” she screams. It’s too much. I love it when she begs. I start slamming her waist around my cock, shortening my strokes and she starts getting wet again as she starts to cum again, this time with me. I start to growl and she starts to scream. I arch my back and make my strokes as short and deep as possible, as my cock starts to pulsate. I can feel her pussy tighten and getting wetter and wetter. She starts whimpering, panting, faster and faster, higher pitched and almost piercing. Now, it is way too much me, this velvet ecstasy that my cock has found will now except my fondest approval, my release. I growl loudly as my manhood explodes deep inside her and she looks back up and smiles back at me.

I look down and wipe the end of my cock off in some of my underwear I’m about to throw in the washing machine anyway.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

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