Are you up for the challenge? (Erotica)  

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Are you up for the challenge? (Erotica)

This is what happens when two pen pals decide to write a story together. I hope you enjoy.

My name is Michael and in my body burns with the blood of ancient Viking and Scottish warriors and kings. I have served my time defending my own homeland against the Red Soviet horde of the USSR in the fast attack submarine fleet of the United States Navy (after all, they wanted our women). I have seen what death looks like and I have overcome…as is my future.

I have been at battle far too long. I can only taste pain and delivering pain and death on a wholesale level for all who think they can conquer me. I am a “Dog of War.” It is time to care, time to love and time to explore. I have almost forgotten what it’s like to touch and to feel, to be tender and to savor.

I now wish to conquer you. I have chosen you because I can’t stand it anymore. I need to feel the touch of soft and round, tender, hot and wet. I need to smell your intoxicating aromas, filled with estrogen and passion. I can smell it when you walk by; after all, instinctively, I am a hunter.

Oh, for one night with you (and don’t make any plans afterwards, you won’t need them.) I love the way you undress for me bashfully at first, but then realizing why we’re both there, not so bashfully anymore. Every chance you get, you stop and take one of my garments off…I love to be undressed. If you show me that first, I’ll take care of you for the rest of the night.

I would love to kiss you slowly at first, then as chemistry took over, faster, more passionately, hotter and wetter. I slip your dress off your shoulders to reveal my “prize.” Not disappointed, I now feel the need to satisfy you and to please you. My strong, rough hands (I am a worker and a warrior) tantalize your tender skin. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve met a REAL man.

I would start at your neck, tenderly kissing, but not without passion and some a slight pulling of the hair…just enough to know you liked it. Then we start the “permission dance.” “Can I touch you here, while we’re making out?” “How about there?” Rough, but not too rough. Kissing further down, undressing you as I move further “south.”

Getting to the point of your profile photo, I would move behind you, slowly, yet eagerly kissing down the back of your neck and down your spine. I wouldn’t be satisfied, unless you were purring with delight. I would move back up to your neck and gently, slowly slip two thumbs inside your black, lace panties over your delicate hips and slide them to the floor, kissing your body every step of the way.

Your tits look spectacular and I can’t wait to taste those too, licking and sucking but in no pattern, just what it takes to make you breathe faster, harder. I love to circle your areola with my tongue. You reach down and check to make sure I’m all I said I would be, and I am. You find seven inches of manhood, waiting patiently in line for what’s to come…
I would love to kiss your bikini line; I can tell you’re petite by your profile picture. I have a tongue that is just waiting to take you on; after all science tells us it’s the strongest muscle in the human body. I can’t wait to taste your hot, wet pussy, stroking my tongue up one side of your labia and down the other, occasionally darting inside your tasty surprise. I would find the first spot that makes you moan louder and gasp for breath, circling it and treating very tenderly, not too bold, only responding to your wishes.

Then there’s my cock…what would you like for me to do with it? I’m waiting for your reply…

Your cock is such a beautiful sight to me. I am so hot and I want to feel you inside me, your tongue has already made me cum and I know your cock will make me cum again. You enter me slowly, almost teasingly as I let out a soft moan letting you know how good you feel. I spread my legs wider inviting you in deeper. My pussy is tight on your cock, how do I feel? I breathless say “faster, harder” you oblige me. You sense me holding back and you whisper in my ear “Cum for me” that’s all it takes to send me into my second orgasm of the night.

I know you are done with me though, until I am completely spent.

And spent you’re not…

And in that semi-soft afterglow haze of warmth, beauty and everything that was good, is good and will be good prevails. You’re still gasping, only now, somewhat, catching your breath and longing for my return…hopefully soon. I try to pull away and you wrap your arm around the back of my neck pulling me back to you, towards you and infinitely closer to YOU (pronounced softly).

You sit up, roll over, teasingly…playfully… and get on “all fours” in bed. You grab the headboard, turn to me and beg sexily “Please, do it again…” I love it when you beg. I can’t ignore the way you’re shaking your ass when you want more. I start to rub your back, caressing you, touching you. I reach from behind and start to fondle your tits again, doing everything and anything to keep you wanting more, running my hands over every inch of your body. I stop realizing that your waiting pussy is there for me. Still a full 7” hard, I ask you to guide me inside you. You reach between your legs and grab the base of my cock. I feel your velvety hot wetness as I begin to penetrate your lips. “Right there,” you whisper. I begin to lean my weight into you, slipping my cock slowly into you and getting us comfortable with our favorite position. You loudly moan as you start to take my length...then your breathing quickens and you let out a loud “Ohhh!” There’s no way I’m not going to make you cum again, and again and again. I slip deeper and deeper into you with every stroke. “How do I feel?” You reply in a soft, panting, understated “Goood!” in the “coy maiden” way you do. You know I love it and I quicken my pace. My thrusts become almost animal in nature, faster and harder, increasing until I realize I’m giving you all I’ve got right now. You start to whimper “Oh…my…God!” I know that you’re close. Time to outperform…your juices starting to flow out of you give me power and energy. That musky scent of intense feminine arousal starts to fill the air. I start fucking you as fast as I can and you anchor down and start to cum again. “Oh my God, oh my god, oh my god…” you pant as fast as I can fuck you. Then “YESSS, I’m cumming!” Unfortunately, I’m not. As I continue to thrust in and out of your wet, hot cunt, you start to “peak” again. The third one hasn’t even faded yet and you’re building to another climax again. It sounds like your crying, almost, as your breathing hits that high squeal again every time I “hit it” again…harder and as fast and steady as I can. You have no complaints as you start to begin that high-pitched squeal of yours yet again. The juices flowing out make you more slippery and delightful. Now I’m fucking you about Mach One and my wet balls start slapping against your clit and the more you come the wetter the slapping sounds get. I slap your ass just to make sure you’re still awake. You like it and ask me to do it again. About every four or five strokes I slap your ass again as you start shrieking in pleasure again. I feel what feels like buckets of fluids coming out of you, drenching me in delight and beginning to run down my thighs. I growl in the way a man growls when he’s about to cum. I start fucking you higher and higher, trying to achieve greater and greater friction. Now you just go almost limp and start to make the same sound over and over again, that high-pitched squeal of maximum pleasure as I know you’re doing “multiples,” experiencing wave after wave of nothing, but pure succulent, nasty pleasure. Finally it’s my turn, I am at “Cumming Speed.” You try to look back and whisper, timed with my fucking pace “Please…cum…inside…of…me,” and I oblige. With a loud guttural loud caveman’s growl I let go deep inside you. I glance down and realize mascara is stating to run, you HAVE been crying. We collapse on the sheets. It looks like now we both have to sleep in the “wet spot,” not a dry spot to be found on our horizontal pleasure field. I don’t mind. We rest in a “spooning” position as I make jokes and make you laugh. Right now we’re in another world- the “afterglow.” After a few minutes of holding you I realize I have this cold, wet, sticky thing on my cock. “Excuse me while I get rid of the condom.” I get out of bed, go to the bathroom and dispose of it. I feel victorious, yet tired and energized at the same time. What else does the night hold in store for me?

While you are in bathroom you notice my silk robe hanging on the door, and you remove the sash. You come back to the bed and sit beside me and ask if I would be willing to be tied up. I respond by rolling on my back and lifting my hands over my head submissively. You tie my hands to the headboard, I am yours, and there to do with me as you please. You run a few fingers gently down my arm, tracing it. “That tickles”, I say. You just smile and continue down my body. Tracing my breasts and continuing down my right side “goosing” my waist making me squirm as I am helpless to fight back. You make your way down to my feet, and you know that is my most ticklish spot, and I squirm more begging for mercy.

You start making your way up the left side of my body still lightly touching me. When you reach my left breast, you suck it, as you massage my right breast. You use your tongue to finish tracing up my body. You give me a passionate kiss and when you stick your tongue in my ear I let out a whimper. You whisper in my ear “Suck my cock” I know I give you a look “please can I please” You straddle my body and start to fuck my mouth. Your hands are in my hair, guiding my head back and forth. I am sucking your cock with all my might. Oh does your cock taste good! You pull out of my mouth and cum on my breasts. You again kiss me hard, as you untie my hands, and say “Lets get you cleaned up” and lead me to the bath where you start to draw a hot bath in the whirlpool tub.

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