Me in the middle sounds nice...  

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10/6/2005 10:53 pm

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Me in the middle sounds nice...

So...I have recently updated one of my profile responses. I have never really had a particular "fantasy" in mind. If some crazy idea pops into my brain, I usually just test the theory. This means that I was unsure of an honest answer for the "what's your wildest fantasy ever" question. Then I realized that I had one all along...just never thought of it as a fantasy.

I picked up a book at the library about 2 years ago for some leisurely reading. It was titled "Guilty Pleasures" written by Laurel K. Hamilton....the first volume of the Anita Blake, vampire hunter series. I fell in love with the storyline and began reading the next 12 novels to follow.

I then thought to myself, wow, what a concept. For two men and one woman to be completely in love with each other, with no jealousy...just the desire to be a part of one another. The thought of this happening in reality, to me, had me reeling. Could this really be possible? What could the outcome of a situation as such be? Is this a reasonable search? I doubt it, lol. I just don't think I am that lucky...which is why I now recognize this as my wildest fantasy.

People have a hard enough time finding one person to love and share life with. To try and find someone who is on a similar page, that enjoys your odd humor, that is sexually compatible, who honestly enjoys your company and shares your interests is tough stuff. Think about trying to make three work! That would be a tall fucking order if you ask me! Call me crazy, but I will have me eyes peeled for the right situation to present itself...if it ever does. Until then, maybe I should start reading up on human cloning.

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