I love Sophia...  

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10/17/2005 11:51 pm

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I love Sophia...

Today for me was just aweful. I was cranky as all get out most of the day. Work was the worst, today was the end of business week, and the numbers that I had to report where no where near up to snuff. My management team fucking sucks and I feel more like a babysitter for 30 kids rather than a restaurant manager! UGH!

All I wanted was a shoulder to cry on when Sophia called. A good friend of mine who just this past weekend, had her better half of 7 years move out. My heart went out to her. These two people were close friends of mine for over 10 years. I have known them as seperates and as a couple. Trust me when I say that their relationship had run their course. They were just beating a dead horse at this point. I remembered what it was like to feel what she was feeling. We talked for over an hour and I reassured her that this was the right thing, and what she was feeling is expected, don't worry this will pass...you know, all that good stuff.

After our conversation, she thanked me for being her friend. She told me that she wouldn't trade me in for the world. Odd compliment, but very well recieved. After this, I began not to feel so bad about my superficial predicament at work. It helped me focus more on the big picture again, this too shall pass. My worries are not always as bad as they seem. I just wish I could learn to recognize that fact sooner so I don't have to walk around pissed off for hours on end, plotting revenge on my staff!!

johannj 41

10/18/2005 6:45 pm

Your lucky to have good friends.

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