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1/22/2006 2:17 pm

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Honorable Mention


The day is half over and off to a fabulous start. I realize that sometimes I am such a pessimist. I must have gotten lost in all of my negativity and completely failed to mention my new play pal. Please, let me tell you just how mentionable he is.

I met him by chance in a bar, which is really not my style. I was with my ex at the time, who kind of befriended "J" in a way. When my ex left me, J just happened to call for him. He asked me to come over to his house and have some drinks after explained what had happened with Jon. I said sure. I was a little leery, with my ex being who he is and all, so I took a friend along.

We got there and had a few beers, played some darts...all around good time. My friend goes upstairs to use the restroom. J gives me this hungry stare and walks over to me. He grabs me by the hips of my jeans, pulls me into him, and kisses me. He backs up just enough to breathe into my mouth as he tells me that we need to get together soon. The forceful make out session ended abruptly when my friend returned to the rec room.

J suggested that we go to a bar to shoot some pool. I thought good idea, but my friend wanted to get on home. I told J that I would meet him after dropping her off. I did make it to the bar, however, I never made it inside. I got in his car and we drove back to my place since no one was home.

The sex was almost three hours long and completely mind blowing! He is one of the kinkiest men I have come across, we are so sexually compatible. He is an extremely active filthy talker, and I love it. Stamina like no other, it was crazy. He was only worried about how hard I got off. Nice.

While we were twisted together, he was telling me about how he wanted to do this everyday...he made me promise. It became everyday until my ex decided that he was due to return, and every time was just as hot. I told him of the craziness that has been going on, and all he could say was "game on". He paid me a visit this morning and I couldn't feel better. He asked me when I was getting off of work and told me that he would be back then, sweet. That's the kind of shit that I am talking about. Maybe I have finally found someone to match my outta control sex drive???

I have concluded that at least I have this sexy, kinky and very generous person that I feel extremely comfortable with, going for me. Things between J and I will remain the same unless I find someone so amazing that it would make me want to actually commit. Do I see that happening anytime soon? Fuck no. I am good with that.

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