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10/7/2005 9:01 am

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When I first learned about sex, I was about 10-11 yrs old when I played doctor. I saw another female pussy and I got excited! I loved seeing naked girls and women! Then I got my first sexual experience from a guy who only wanted to break my cherry. It was a horrid experience, but this guy did teach me about blowjobs. From there, I met my husband. We had a relatively "vanilla" sex life. We tried to be creative but I was the one creative, he couldn't get his brain wrapped around stuff like that.

Then I got divorced and explored the entire sexual world! I was excited, amazed and aroused!
I discovered I love women, I love eating pussy and I love being eaten by another woman. I love anal sex. The feeling of a guy blowing his wad into my ass is orgasmic for me! The BDSM world became a facination of mine-still is! Spankings, bondage, all sorts of stuff!

I still have a burning desire to explore a Master/slave relationship. I want to be owned and controlled to see if I am capable of such a thing. I love to be tied to a bed (or anywhere) and taken advantage of. As long as there is trust, I will allow my partner anything he/she wants to do to me. I love exploring my limits. How far am I willing to go sexually? So far my only limits are kids, critters, bloodletting and suffocation. Spankings, whips, bondage, humiliation, water play, anal play, D/s, some role playing...all are very erotic to me. Push me to my limits...I want more!

jp4whln12 29M

10/22/2005 10:10 pm

hey. I would love to push you to your limits. If you want you can have my young cock. contact me if your interested, i know i am.

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