First thing I tried to write.  

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8/6/2005 9:25 am

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First thing I tried to write.

You arrive at the house. It's dark. You think that odd, since I should be there. You reach for the lights.

"Leave them," I say. You can't see me in the darkness. "Close your eyes, too." I see you do so, then I approach. I kiss you lips lightly and brush my tongue along them. I move behind you and you feel me put a blindfold on you. I kiss your earlobe and your neck as I make sure you can see nothing.

You are wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I don't know what underwear you have on, but I intend to find out. Over this you have on one of my button-down shirts, but you have it unbuttoned. I pull it down to your elbow so that you can't move your arms easily. I kiss your shoulder and the hollow next to your neck. You feel my hands move to our
hips and I pull you back to me. I slip my hands inside your jeans, along the hips. I run my hands down and find your panties. Mmm. Feels silky, satiny.

You still can't move your arms well, especially since my arms are over yours. If you push back into me, you will feel how excited you make me. I rub around your underwear, but never touch your pussy through it. I want you to beg me to touch you before I will. My other hand moves under your t-shirt and up your stomach. Your bra certainly feels the same. I will have to inspect them more to make sure.

You feel my hands leave you and movement behind you. You think the lights come on. I remove the shirt from your arms and you can move them now. I see you reach for the blindfold. I grab your hand, then I reach around and spank you, lightly. "Don't touch that. Don't get used to your hands being free, either." I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom.

"Don't touch anything unless you are told too. Now put your hands on my shoulders." I take your hands and place them there, then kneel down. I run my hands down your legs and kiss your thighs. I move to your shoes and raise one leg as I remove it and the sock. I move to the other foot and remove those as well. I stand and say, "Good, you behaved yourself. You will be rewarded." I pull you close and kiss your lips. I slide my tongue into your mouth and run it along your lips. I feel you moving your hands to my butt and squeezing. I stop kissing you and spank you again. "You were told not to touch!" (I actually would like it, but you were told . . .)

I move away from you and you hear rustling in the room. You can hear me moving around often, but have no idea what I might be doing. Suddenly, you feel me in front of you and my hands are on your shoulders. I slide my hands slowly down your body. You feel my hand move to your hips, then forward, to the button of your jeans. I undo it, then unzip the jeans. I slowly push them over your hips as I move to caress your butt under them. Your jeans slide to the floor. I hold your hips so you can balance and tell you to step out of them. You feel my hands run down your bare legs now. I love to look at you in your underwear. Very sexy. I kneel down and begin to kiss your legs. I kiss your thighs everywhere, but only the bare skin. "You may touch me, if you wish." My hands rub the backs of your legs. I love touching your skin. I feel up and down your legs and ass. I begin to lick your legs a little as you rub my head.

I stand and place my hands on your hips. I slowly slide them up your sides, slipping along your bare skin as I push your shirt up. I reach your shoulders, and start to pull your shirt over your head. I make sure your blindfold stays on, then move to kiss your breasts in their bra. I cup your breasts with my hands and gently squeeze them. I rub your nipples with my thumbs as I kiss your lips. I suck on your tongue and lips as I kiss you. I move my hands and undo the clasp of your bra, then slide my hands back to your breasts to caress you more. I take your nipples between my finger and thumb and gently roll them, lightly pinching. I move my mouth from yours and kiss my way down your chest. I pull your bra from your body, then move to kiss your breasts. I kiss all around the nipple, slowly trailing my tongue in circles around it. I flick you with my tongue, then suck it into my mouth. My hand is caressing your breast while I suck on the other, lightly biting it. My hands move to roam all over your bare back, pushing you harder against me. I slip my hands under your panties and squeeze your butt. I slide them to your hips and push your underwear down your body. I pull your naked body to me and try to touch you everywhere with my hands. I suddenly push you back and you fall onto the bed.

I quickly climb on the bed and straddle you. I move you up some so that your legs are entirely on the bed. I take one hand "Don't move anything else." You feel me wrap something silky around your wrist and know what you have suspected since you arrived home. I fasten that wrist, then the move to tie the other. I lean over and run my tongue along your lips, then kiss you. You feel me move down the bed, then feel warm breath on one of your nipples, then a light, wet touch on the other. I get off the bed and spread your legs wide. I fasten them so that you are spread-eagle and you can barely move at all. "Just say 'halt' and I will immediately undo your bonds. Now, I'm going to kiss every inch of your body."

"I want you to come several times before I enter you." I move to your hands and begin to suck on each fingertip. My hands grip your wrist as I lick up the finger, then take the tip into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. I slowly lower my mouth to take the finger all the way into it, then lightly suck on it as I move my head up from it. I move to the next one: lick, swirl, suck. Lick, swirl, suck. Lick, swirl, suck. Once I've wet each finger, I kiss your palm and your wrist, under your bonds. I move to your other hand and repeat the process. Lick, swirl, suck. Next come your toes. I move down your body, never touching anywhere. I reach your feet and begin to massage them as I move my mouth over them. I suck on each toe for a minute in the now familiar pattern: lick, swirl, suck. I then begin to kiss the bottoms of your feet. You feel my tongue stretch out and run along your foot. "Don't cry out!"

Your other foot is again treated to the same. I begin to kiss the top of your left foot and work my way up that leg, I move, kiss, by kiss, by kiss, from the outside, to the inside of your leg, then up a little bit and from the inside to the out. I move ever closer to your pussy. I see you push your hips up and groan. I reach your knee and lick the crease there. I move to your other foot and begin to work my way up that leg. Slowly. I lick your knee, then begin to kiss up your thigh. A hundred little kisses takes me to your pelvis. I pause for a moment.

I stick my tounge out and run it along where your leg joins your body, so close to your slit, but still far away. I hear you whimpering. "Not yet dear. You've been good, though and I will do this one thing for you." My tongue runs from the bottom of your slit to the top. I love the taste of you. I flick your clit once, twice, three times. Does that make you come? You will have to tell me.

I move back to your left leg and begin at the knee where I left off before. I kiss the inside of your thigh, then move to the left and begin to kiss towards the front of your leg, all the way around to the outside. Only then do I move up towards where I assume you want my mouth. I hear you moaning and whimpering, especially when I reach the inside of your thighs. I lick this joint as I did on your other leg, then you suddently feel my tongue on your clit again, but only for a second.

You feel me stradle your body and can feel me hard against your stomach. I start kissing your right wrist. I move slowly down your arm kissing and licking your forearm. I reach your elbow and you feel me stop. I kiss you on the lips, but I'm gone before you can respond. I begin to kiss around yor left elbow and slowly work my way up. All the way to your wrist.

You feel my tongue flick your left earlobe. I begin again at your left elbow and start down this time. I feel you making thrusts against me with your hips. I kiss down to your shoulder, and begin to kiss at the hollow by you collarbone. I kiss across the front of your neck and kiss your hollow on the other side. I kiss up your other arm to your elbow. "You may tell me where you want me to kiss you next." That doesn't mean I will kiss you there, of course.

I kiss your forehead. I start just to the side of your eye and kiss all the way across it. I kiss along the top of your blindfold. I move to your ear and give your earlobe a little nibble. I can feel your hard nipples against my chest. I kiss your along your nose, then move to your cheeks and your chin. I finally kiss your mouth and let my tongue slide from mine into yours.

I move down a little so that I am between your legs, but I make sure not to touch you. I begin to kiss your body again. I start at your shoulders, and begin to kiss across your body, then down. I don't pause anywhere this time. I kiss across your chest, then across the tops of your lovely breasts. The next pass I kiss along your breasts and brush your nipples with my beard. Then I'm inline to kiss your nipples, I do so, but don't stop to savor them. I'll do that later.

I kiss along the bottom of your breasts and across your stomach. I reach ever lower. My favorite is the pass from one hip, along the top of you hairline to the other hip. I feel you pressing up as hard as you can then. I hope that this is driving you wild. I kiss along the vee of your legs not pausing or deviating. I kiss through your hair then kiss your clitoris. I kiss along your slit. Do I feel you come? I hope so. I lick along your slit, gathering your juices, but not pausing there.

I continue to lick up your body. I reach your belly button and pause for a moment to swirl my tonge around it. I move up, licking along your stomach, then between your breasts. I reach your mouth and kiss your lips. A big, long, wet, sloppy kiss. I move back down and begin to give your breasts the attention they deserve. I suck your nipples and pull on them. I finally let my hands touch you as I use them to assist in pleasuring you. I pinch your breasts and fondle them. I can feel your hips pressing me again. I kiss my way back down the wet trail I made and begin to make sure that you come.

I kiss your clit. I flick it with my tongue. I suck it into my mouth and suck on it until you moan for me to stop. I stick my tongue as far into you as I can. I push against your clitoris with my nose as I do. I spread your lips wide with my hands and do everything I can to make you come again. I want to taste you all over my face. I slip my finger inside you and begin to stroke your g-spot while I lick your clit with my tongue. I feel you come around my finger and on my face.

"Hmm. I've gotten you all wet. Let me get something to wipe you up." You hear me move, then feel silk against your hands. I lightly run the cloth along your arm, then up your other one. I brush your forehead with it and your cheeks. I slide it down your sides, then along the outsides of your legs. I brush the bottom of your feet, then start up the insides of your legs. I avoid your pussy. I want to excite you again, but not too much.

I begin to run it along your stomach, then along your chest. I begin to rub your breasts through the silk. I feel your nipples getting hard again. I play with them using the cloth to excite you even further. I push the silk down your body and begin to kiss and lick your breasts again. As I move the silk over your clit, I wait to hear your gasp, then begin to kiss your lips. I kiss you as I rub the silk over your sensitive area. I let my finger push it between your lips and along your slit. I feel you are ready again, and move between your legs.

I position myself at your entrance. I know I will not be able to last very long once I enter you. I pull your blindfold down. I want to see you as I enter. My eyes lock with yours as I slowly slide myself into you. I feel you push up to meet me. You feel wonderful around me. I slowly pull myself out, hating to be separate from you. I push myself back into you. I want to go very slowly, to make it last, but even so, I know it won't be long. I can already feel myself reaching the edge. I move a hand to rub your clit as I move in and out again. My eyes never leave yours. I know I'm about to come, as do you.

I begin to come as I push into you. My pulsing sets you off again. I look into your eyes as you lose yourself again. I love to look at you. I reach up and undo your hands, then move you release your feet. I feel you hug me and I move my head to kiss you . I roll over so that you are lying on top of me. "I guess it's your turn to do whatever you want with my body."

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