Fantasy Fulfilled  

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3/9/2006 12:47 pm

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Fantasy Fulfilled

The inner thighs tremble at the thought of a warm and moist hello.
He enters her slowly as the body begins to tremble. He gently kisses her clit
Licking slowly he moves to her inner music as she plays loudly to the pulsing rhythms
She’s slowly falling into the abyss of pure joy just as he begins to touch her lips

But hey ya’ll its just foreplay

Slowly the night moves into morning but time is not flying
They twist and turn all while holding each other in arms of firm embrace
Lying in bed he returns to the fountain of youth to take another sip of her nectar.
She opens the gates to let him in and then the lust for passion is again rekindled.

But hey ya’ll its just foreplay

He watches her movements as her hips sway back and forth, and up and down
Like a roller coaster she whips around. She can’t control her body because he’s making her tickle on the inside. And just as she is about to cum he pauses so he can gently lick her inner thigh. Then back on her clit so soft and gentle, she closes her legs to get more pressure. She’s almost there she knows it. But again he stops to wet his dick. No she wants more then tongue now she wants him.

But hey ya’ll its just foreplay

It’s his turn to relax as she places him near and warms his other half. In the dark wet cavern inside her mouth where she knows she wants his blasts. She takes her time and like a song she is skilled like a dope beat. But she won’t be done till he’s on the verge and she got him curling his feet. She kisses his chest and sucks his neck while her pussy gets wetter. And just as she ready to suck him she tells him that she’s going to taste better.

It’s just foreplay ya’ll

His erection is firm and his patience runs thin he’s been waiting for this day for so long.
Heavy breathing lots of sweating, the passion seems so strong. She gently bites his nipple just to show him that she’s ready for him to show some emotion. Her lips are moist and wet, as she stares at him in the dimly light room. Knowing that with every move she’s working the rhythms of his tool. It’s like a masterpiece of art the way she shows how much she loves his manhood. Slowly as she licks the head, and smiles as he jolts from excitement.

It’s just foreplay

She knows what makes him crave for satisfaction and she gets off knowing that she can bring him to the point of ecstasy where bodily control is not obtainable. When she works on his primary emotional object she watches as he moves uncontrollably as she licks and sucks his emotions away. With eyes deep enough to voyage him to the bottom of the seas of love she gazes into his eyes knowing that she will take her prize only when she is ready. When he can’t take it anymore and he wants to blast off’ She stops and kissing him on the lips and says baby I’m not ready for you yet, I want to play a little more.

Oh yeah she likes to tease.

He smiles and rubs her back gently placing her nipples one by one into his mouth, lightly sucking and pinching them. Their eyes are bonded with such an intense stare down you know something special is taking place. All night they temp each other with moves like there playing chess, only the pieces of the game are their two bodies and the board is the bed. Each of them wanting to be checkmated by the other, they carefully select their moves.

The silence of foreplay becomes loud and obnoxious
Yet in all that, purity still exist between them that can’t be soiled.
That fantasy is about to come true.

They close their eyes to watch as rose petals fall from the sky of the bedroom.
The minds eye sees and watches as the emotions of them both dance around the room in vibrations of energy that can not be explained or described in any other word or phases except mental. The ride is smooth, yet rough, vivid, and tamed a lot like a tiger pacing in a cage waiting to be released so as to unleash its natural instinct.

But it’s just foreplay ya’ll

She allows him to enter her domain slowly as she spreads the gates he feels her warm embrace. It’s wet and loving gently allowing him to feel her heartbeat, she moves slowly looking deep into to his eyes. I’ve wanted this for a long time she whispers in his ear. I’m going to give you all of me tonight. He’s found and feels the first and of many water fountains he’ll find that night. She’s really ready to show him a world he’s only glimpsed at. She turns so he can enter her from behind. She wants him to know how excited she is, so she takes hold of him and place his pride into her mouth just so he can taste her passion. Then she straddles him and kisses him. “Can you taste what your doing to me” she says. Yes she says. “You can taste what you’ve been doing to me later……I promise” She smiles…..

The taste of foreplay, is over the fantasy is fulfilled.

prettipussy4u2c 39F

3/12/2006 8:45 pm

Foreplay is a beautiful thing.

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