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The morning sun stretches across the sky and the moon kisses the horizon goodbye.
Like the sun and the moon this love is forbidden in time because of Light.
I reach across the miles to hug her heart and stroke her head. Her ego needs my attention. She in turn reaches across with her heart to help my fly with her wings.

Together we fly on our own natural high as we watch the simple pleasures
Undefined as it may be we both know and see that this bond we share is still forbidden. This love exists in the mind and body but the physical is kept because of distance.

She tugs at my heart with a warm gentle smile and all I can think of is her smell.
It warms my thoughts and sooths my soul just to know how good she felt.
The blood starts moving as my mind starts to wonder where we could be if only if.
The distance between was not such an issue, but then emotions would trip.

See right now itís distance but thatís just a means of escape when you fearing that which you know. A feeling to good to be true just canít be you, because you run when things are unknown.

These forbidden loves exist with all to some itís just a fantasy. Others know about it but try to override it , and in the end it turns up as a casualty. If you know from the start then youíll know at the end if the union was meant to be. But every now and then you have to just be, live, and see what it is to see.

Experience with purpose,
The purpose of life
Your life you live with fear
Forbidden is love
If not faced cause you run
Then forbidden will your happiness be.

A forbidden love is something real, almost to good to be true
Reach across the desert of fear and face it together your love will get through.

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