Getting a boyfriend or not??  

rm_Mels_nissaba 45T
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6/14/2006 11:32 am
Getting a boyfriend or not??

The more my transition goes forward the more it accrues to me that I could have or get a boyfriend. It is still pretty odd principal or reality, and it is not that I want a boyfriend but the more I become physically a woman, the more I know boys will start to notice me and be interest! Not that I never had any male be interested in me much the opposite, just that I never considered that it was some thing that would end up being some thing possible in my mind. I am in a relationship with a woman, she the mother of 2 children of mine, and I do love her very big, but I know she in time will need some male intimacy (well that we have figured), and as such the more I am able to open a space for it and transition I guess it will be one day will have a boyfriend each or the same. But this is still really scaring me and I do not have feelings for this or any males really. I have friends that are gay and still it is a strange concept to me as it is not when it comes to lesbians, it is strange as it does not make any difference really. Maybe to a point I see humanity as being more female then male sexed and up to a point would be more at easy if we where all female or much more nearer to Females.

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