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7/14/2006 12:39 pm

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As most, the first thing to do on AdultFriendFinder was search locally for someone desperately looking to get laid. Wow!!! I was floored by all the hot active (women) members in my neck of the woods (Chicago) but quickly got discouraged when clicking on a picture just to get the order form. So, I've just been bouncing around the site updating my profile, reading blogs, magazine articles, discussion boards, creating a hot list of all the locals, and naturally fantasizing about meeting some of you.

I was a bit disappointed to see so many adverse comments (wanted to respond and tell some folks to go Fu..O..) on the discussion boards but guess this should be expected when you ask the entire world for an opinion. There are so many different views on size, cock shots, etc., and mainly whether certain people on the site are for real or not. I personally believe most people post fake pictures (monster size cock, caricature, or movie star likeness) to try and become someone they're not. What scares the hell out of me are the people that have really posted their actual (facial) picture. Aren't they concerned about becoming the water cooler topic of discussion at the office on Monday morning? Hey did you hear about... and how she likes to ... take it up the ...

I was extremely impressed on some of the beautifully written, professional and witty blogs. Some have actually taken this to a level I didn’t know existed. Didn't take long to become infatuated with "Legally Blonde" by amberabercrombie Is she for real? Who cares, she's hot, sexy, exciting and interesting.

For me, this place will be the perfect opportunity to be exactly who I am ... sexually. Due to the sensitive nature of my marital status, I couldn't post a (facial) pic. I'm sure with all the cyber nuts I know, someone would recognize me and all HELL would break loose. I decided to post one of the very few limp dicks as my profile shot. It was extremely difficult especially after reading one members opinion in a discussion forum regarding a similar subject. She stated "no one wants to see the frightened turtle shot". Actually, "scarred shitless" describes it more accurately than a "frightened turtle". You should have seen me trying to take this picture, download it to the PC, delete it from the digital camera and family photo album, then upload it to this site ... all while my wife was roaming about the house. I couldn't help but to feel her looking over my shoulder every step of the way. Already the mischief began. This really got me off afterward. Never new taking a few pictures could be so exciting.

My initial research pointed to the blogs as being the best place to connect, so, like it or not, the frightened turtle is here and this is where my story begins. Again, I’m just looking to add some spice to my life. Hell, I've been waking up every morning with a hard-on >>! just knowing the odds of possibly hooking up with someone have increased tremendously. Now, the thought occurs each time I see a beautiful woman on the street, what's your handle?... sure like to view your profile. Hopefully, some of you will be very welcoming and send an email, drop a comment, invite me to your network or just do something to add to my fascination.

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