The die was cast...  

rm_MaxPornaday 38M
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8/19/2006 7:01 pm
The die was cast...

Every Saturday I try and make it to Gamer's Haven for the Star Wars miniatures tournament. It's a fun way for me to spend an afternoon, and I actually get a chance to be sociable for a change. (Hey, I'm trying!)

Today was a four-round tourney, and I lost my first three! Every turn was just one bad roll after another. That granted me a bye for the fourth round. And I got last pick of the prizes (two opened booster packs). Naturally, all that was left were a bunch of common figures I didn't really need.

After just about everyone left, a few of us stragglers stuck around and played a foursome spread across two gameboards. It was more fun than the actual tournament! This time, I was on the winning side. We stayed long after closing, and then I ws off for some CD shopping.

I love digging through used CD cases at the local Exchange. It feels so much like treasure hunting. Tonight, I spent a good $60 on new stuff, like some old KMFDM discs that I thought were long out of print. Good buys!

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