Ya ya,  

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11/22/2005 1:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ya ya,

Feel free to comment, lookin for some people to talk to me come on now. Anyone near me anyone out there? Yahoo ID Alienfreak007 drop me aline I am always on looking for something interesting

maximummanlius 67M
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11/30/2005 5:23 pm

Mattman, love the taste of pussy flavored dick. Some thirty years ago, before you were apparently even a wet dream, a buddy of mine moved in with me and my girlfriend. A hot summer in Ohio an we all were wlking around naked most of the time. Jenny, my squeeze of about a year let me know she was hot for my friends 9 1/2 inch thick Hungarian cock. Jim had that eastern European look, a bit dracula...pale white skin with a pale white blue veined cock (sorta like alot of redheads), Jenny was so blond scadinavian. Short time later, a night of a few drinks and we end up in a threeway, me on the bottom with Jenny and I 69ing and Jim pumping her pussy. Between his big dick and my tongue, Jenny was beside her self, multiple repeating orgasms. Jim acted like he was cuming multiple times and I know I filled Jenny's mouth with multiple loads, Jim later told me he could see the cum running out of her mouth, and that when he say that he came himself. I know I tried my best to clean up the white foam that kept forming around her pussy lips. Both he and I were so hot that we both never lost are hard-ons. Finally we were all so exhausted, I could hardly breath between the pussy and his big dick and balls slapping and grinding into my face, let alone the cum pussy smell. Like very heavy tropical air. Jim was building to a major gut wrenching cum, his bone hard actually kind of painful on my nose and forehead, he came with a roar, but just pretended, pulled his dick out and in a great inspiring moment fed a monumental load into my mouth. I came immediatly, drowning Jenny again, and we all colapsed into a heap. I had to push them off to breath, or I could have sufocated right then and would have died with a smile and cum all over my face. Is that enough to inspire a big old hard dick on you? Get you to fuck your babe?

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