Ok, I admit it.  

rm_MattandJen11 30M/30F
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4/25/2006 3:03 pm
Ok, I admit it.

So the threesome at the hotel didn't happen. But maybe it was for the best...Matt and I are young and perhaps adding someone new to our sex life would create jealousy, drama, blah blah blah...but to make up for the fact that we arent going to have threesome, matt has let me know that its cool if I want to be with a girl on occasion which is good because sometimes I REALLY miss pussy. On a totally different (sort of) subject, Ive been so so horny lately. Ive always considered myself sexually advanced (I started masturbating at a really young age) but this is insane...im wet all the time. Im thinking of Matt all the time. Any hot girl I see I picture naked. Its sort of unfair being bi you know...Im looking around a classroom and I cant decide whether to stare at some guys mouth or some girls tits. Really distracting.

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