Long strokes, hot mouth  

rm_MatsuMakiko 51F
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3/21/2006 6:51 pm
Long strokes, hot mouth

Well, hmm..another post on blow jobs.
Can't tell I'm a bit orally fixated can you folks?
Okay, I am...wilingly will I admit that.
Because of a horrid gag reflex I've been fighting for years...been trying to learn to deep throat. Never been able to do it for anyone more than 5 inches. Well..my sweety is a full 8 and maybe a bit more...not thin around at all. VERY nice cock he's got.
So, last night, snuggled up...and got playful. Nipped and kissed and licked my way down to his now HARD cock. Lovingly I took it in my mouth and played with his foreskin a bit..he loves when I do that. Running my tongue around his head while still covered by the foreskin? Yeah...he loves that too.
Surprised the hell out of him when I engulfed his cock and it popped into my throat. I think he just about came there and then. But, I worked on his cock, a slooooow steady pace...his head popping into my throat every time I nestled my nose into his hair. I love keeping one hand cupping his balls and massaging them while holding his cock with my other. I stroke where his cock dissapears into his body with that hand. I kept this up for about 20 minutes or so, then increased the pressure on his cock, lashing it with my tongue as I sped up my bobbing...and was promptly rewarded with him fucking my face and cumming in my throat and mouth. His cum tastes SOOOO good!
Started with him doing the same thing this morning..but he had other ideas and fucked me almost senseless...and as I had to leave for work less than half hour after he was done...walking was..interesting.

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