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Suspension is something I’ve specialized in for many years. I’ll start with the basics. Electric winch, I’ve like to use 3200 AC Winch It’s a little expensive, so worth it. Your going to also need a mounting plate and Roller Fairlead Guide not expensive. Complete set up is about fifty pounds, this little honey has a 3200 pound lifting capacity, lift a cage with two people in it, not at all a problem, you want the over kill for safety. When building the spreader bar I go with two inch HD commercial grade steel pipe “two” four footers would be just fine, purchase seven eye bolts for each pipe three for each end one for the middle in case you may want to get creative with your rope work. One pipe for the feet, one above the head, keeping this very basic. (You need to grind down all sharp edges on the ends of the pipe. I like to wrap the pipe in foam & duck tape, you may even want to duck tape the short stems of the eye bolts. I hope you can picture all this.

I get carried away a 1550 AC winch would be more the enough. It’s just a small price difference to step up to a major over kill.

My prefab garage is being delivered in five weeks, that very night I’ll be setting mine up.
Let me know if you have any questions. ..Love to help.. .

Good luck, play safe

Master Jay….

Let me know if you have any questions. ..

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