She inserted the egg up her ASS!  

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9/24/2005 12:15 pm

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She inserted the egg up her ASS!

Last night with my bag of implements, I was on my way to the city with one of my subs. Vicky is just plain hot, really great ass long legs, a natural blond, off the boat from Germany and this young lady knows how to dress with style, always.

We were going to a private club to do a little playing with Mistress Leila. On the way I stopped at an adult toy store. I purchased a suction cup dildo, a rather large dildo with a suction cup so she could suction it to the floor and ride it, “looking forward to seeing this”. I also purchased a remote control vibrating egg and a tube of lube.

Still at the store, I had Vicky excuse herself to the rest room to insert the egg. I should have been a little more specific, because she inserted the egg up her ass. She’s has never inserted a vibrator up her ass before. I, I, - was ok with this. As we left the store and continued our trip to the city, I took hold of the remote and gave this little sucker a test run. Vicky was sporting a rather large smile, “the little whore, lol”. I reach over and played with her pussy. OH!! completely soaked. Remember were still in the car and the evening is just getting started. I had her then reach into my bag of implements and retrieve a rather large vibrator which she immediately inserted into her wet little box. Not the safest thing to do while driving down the West Side Highway but I reached over and started playing with her clit. The egg was now on full vibrate setting number five, she pumping away with the other vibrator and I’m stimulating her clit. The moment we reach the Intrepid, she went off flopping around like fish out of water. “Still driving a car here”! She later explained it was the most intense orgasm she ever had, mostly blaming it on that egg.

M phone rings It’s Mistress Leila, Her apologies, she has a very high paying client coming in and needs to cancel. Mistress Leila did say we would be welcome to use one of her dungeons. So we changed our plans and scooted to Paddles for some public play.

Once in the door, we caught the tail end of a demo. A well known Master “ we will call him Master B” Master B was putting on a Demo featuring fire, knife and cupping play. I found his technique very interesting. Shame we didn’t catch the hole program. So after his demo was completed he offered demonstrations to the audience.

I wanted to see Master B up close in action. Vicky who was just retuning from the ladies room from removing a certain little egg from her anal cavity, was just made aware she was volunteered to take part in some knife and cupping play. Vicky is no novice in this lifestyle and was more then willing to participate. As she removed her skirt and took up position on Masters B table, people who were around to watch were complimenting her on having such a perfect ass. I positioned my self by her head. Master B started off with cupping her ass cheek, he constantly talked to her during this getting her input. I also constantly check on her, kiss her on the cheek gave her words of encouragement. She was doing very good. Now Master B pulled out a very large knife. Before he got started he walked up to me and demonstrated on my finger how much pressure he would be applying, the blade was very blunt. As he took up position with the knife in one hand and a paddle in the other he would apply the knife behind the knee working on pressure points. I asked Vicky if she was alright, she was loving it. Then Master B would nail her with the paddle not to soft, not overly hard. He would alternate knees with the knife over and over with the paddle. Vicky started crying more from the release of emotions then the pain. Through all of this I constantly check on her, kiss her on the cheek, the top of her head more encouragement. The scene came to a close when Master B applied the knife to the back of her big toe. Freaked her out a little bit. After Vicky was helped off the table, she gave Master B a big hug and a kiss, thanking him for the scene.

Master Jay was in the mood to spank some ass. “ Big Surprise There”. As we were mulling around looking for a place to play I noticed an old friend from the Hell Fire day’s, Lady Chloe a very attractive lifestyle Mistress. Mistress was very interested in my little sub, asked if she could participate. How lucky am I. Vicky was all smiles, she loves the ladies.

Vicky pulling up her skirt, taking up position, feet on the floor bent over spanking bench. “Did I mention she has a great ass”. Vicky already warmed up from her scene with Master B, was ready for some hard stuff. I started with my favorite braided flogger, using it in a figure eight alternating cheek technique, then finishing with a reverse wind mill. Then I changed up to the a paddle, one shaped like a cat. During all this, as I always do I caressed her back kissed her cheek occasionally played with her pussy.

Now Lady Chloe’s turn, immediately spreading Vicky’s legs and stepping between them reached up pulling off Vicky’s blouse leaving her completely naked. Lady Chloe gave Vicky a real work out, she played with her pussy, pinched her nipples and gave her a real good spanking, sometimes sensually she would kiss her neck and I mean alternated between all of these activities for quite awhile. Just awesome hot scene.

Well Lady Chloe had to leave. Lady Chloe is someone we need to play with again, soon. I made Vicky remain on the spanking bench for a good ten minutes, I just wanted to enjoy the view, “Did I mention she has a great ass”. The audience of about twenty or so people who watching the show didn’t seem to mind either.

The night ended back at my house with Vicky trying out her new suction cup dildo, Thumps up on the dildo, very entertaining to watch, not the best suction to the floor but her efforts were very compelling.

Master Jay

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