Night at Paddles for Tess Casino night  

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9/16/2005 1:09 am

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Night at Paddles for Tess Casino night

Last night at Paddles for Tess Casino night. I brought along one of my lovely subs. It was interesting evening right from the start. As soon as I entered the club, I purchased a new leather strap, a small crop and a new blindfold ankle cuff set. If you spend more then forty five dollars they give you a free plastic cane shaped like a swivel stick. I originally asked my sub to pick out a paddle, she was taking to long, so that’s how I ended up buying the leather strap.

Master Jay was in the mood to spank some ass. First time in a club, not a problem for this young lady, pants and panties down kneeling on a spanking bench, four people watched as I turned her little ass a nice rosy red. Juuust a nice little warm up.

As we were mulling around the club I met this wonderful Mistress, she was very tattooed, back chest arms, she had on the wildest leather outfit. Master Jay was again in the mood to do some more spanking and asked this lovely Mistress if she would like to participate in the further warming of my subs little hind quarters. As my little sub took up her position kneeling on the spanking bench naked from the waist down, I stood back and watched this Mistress Spank her ass, it was a hot scene. About twenty people were their for the show. Mistress started out very slow stopping every so often to sensually caress her ass, she would reach between her legs play with her pussy and then right back to spanking, this went on for about fifteen minutes. Every so often I would sneak in a smack. As Mistress was playing with her pussy, my little sub asked for permission to cum, Watching her orgasmic tremble was the perfect climax to the scene. As Mistress and I helped her down off the bench the audience gave her the nicest applause.

As my sub was pulling up her pants a young Master with his sub approached me and asked if I would like to spank his sub. Who am I to turn down such a request. As she took up the position kneeling on the spanking bench, her Master pulled up her dress. This young lady has the softest ass, I really enjoyed warming up her ass, she took it very well and made her Master proud.

Something to drink, hit the buffet, some nice conversation with the most intimidating looking Mistress. Mistress Helga was all of six foot five with a thick build not at all fat just veeery strong looking. Mistress Helga, nicest person to talk too, great smile, freaked me the fuck out. This Mistress builds insane electrical devices, one was a straight jacket with twenty electrical pads built in, I could only imagine, who would put this thing on. Paddles with metal on one side to deliver current, I touched this paddle with my finger and jumped a foot. Mistress raddled off a list of other devices, that she manufactures, equally insane, you got to really love that passion.

Soon announcement was made that the wheel of Misfortune was now open. As we waited in line for our shot at the wheel. My little sub asked if she could read the list of prizes, My answer, “No”. As I looked over the list of Misfortune, it looked harmless enough. It had things listed like five strikes with a paddle on the naked ass. Nothing on the list was out of reach. So the pit boss was to spin the wheel for us, the young man who’s job it was, was busy licking feet of an attractive young Mistress, he spun for his own Misfortune, ok. Just my luck, Spanking on the naked ass fifteen smacks in total. As I sat down in a chair on the stage with an audience of over fifty people looking on. As my now again naked from the waist down sub took her position over my lap, I delivered fifteen medium smacks to her already red ass. Someone pointed out she never counted, we had to start allll over again. As the scene came to a close the audience again gave us a nice applause.

This Master is very proud of the way his sub conducted herself in this public setting.

Master Jay

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