Master Jay watched me writhe.  

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9/18/2005 8:25 am

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Master Jay watched me writhe.

Eight o’clock I reported to Master Jay for inspection, dressed as usual; thick black leather collar, matching wrist and ankle bands, strapped snugly in place and a thin black leather belt around my waist. I knelt before him, hands clasped behind my back, as Master Jay encircled me slowly, checking to see that my “clothing” was fastened properly.

“Cara” said Master Jay, bending over and gently teasing my already-hardened nipples, “you look absolutely perfect. in fact, now I can't decide what to do first.” Master Jay had this look in his eyes, I just knew I was in for an interesting evening.

Master Jay commanding me to the living room, instead of opening the futon and tying me to it. Master Jay led me over to this crazy looking hundred year old chair. Funny up until that moment I had never given much thought to how perfectly sturdy frame and large seat would fit into Mater Jays bondage session.

Watching Master Jay grease up a rather large anal plug, bending me over at the waist slowly in one motion up my ass it went. “Get in,” Master Jay commanded pointing to the chair. I wriggled slightly, trying in vain to ease the pressure anchored in my ass. In no time at all my arms were crossed and bound to the top rim of the chair. Then Master Jay spread my legs, “always with Master Jay I end up with my legs spread,” Master Jay tying them just below the knees and just above the ankles to the bottom frame. My breasts and pussy and lower ass exposed and awaiting Master Jay.

Master Jay watched me writhe and test my bonds. When I finally gave up, Master Jay said “Your so much fun.” Then Master Jay turned the chair around facing the TV popped in a porno, it was the longest porno ever at least it felt that way. When the actress started sucking a mans cock Master Jay fucked my face and suck his balls. Master Jay every so often would play with my pussy, I was going nuts right before I went over the edge, Master Jay sat down and watch the video.

Finally, the porno ended, and I was a quivering mass of bound desire. Master Jay took pity on me and started sucking and nibbling on me swollen clit. It wasn’t long before I began to feel the waves of orgasm start deep in my belly, and as I screamed with pleasure and strained at my bonds, Master Jay licked me to an earth-shattering climax.

Master Jay finally untied me. I wasn’t allowed to relax for very long. Master Jay pick me up and carried me to the bedroom. Master Jay slid a couple of pillows under me to elevate my ass and remove the anal plug. Master Jay knelt behind me, and as he slid his cock into my waiting ass. Then Master Jay patiently fucked my bottom, with the final thrust, his pulsing cock filling me with hot, juicy cum.

By Slave Cara


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