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I’m always Emailed with a multitude of questions about my first experiences in this lifestyle. That’s a lot of ground to cover. I just recently sent this Email to someone I met on this site, I’m going to alter it a bit for the benefit of this Blog.

I Started in the scene when I was in my teens. I walked in a Club in Holland two Mistress tied me up and put me through, well "Lots" I was hooked. I turned things right around, I’m NO submissive. For the next twelve years as a Dom & a Photographer in the scene. A magazine publisher brought me in as a small investor of the original Hell Fire Club in the early nineties. I worked as a Pro Dom for a short time with a couple, for back then, very well known Mistress, not really for the money, more of an ego thing. “I’M NOT A PRO DOM”.

I do make myself available for some women who are just seeking sessions. I also make myself available for women, men, couples, groups, who want to meet with me for sessions in Domination Techniques or Complete Work Shops. I do this for the love of the lifestyle. “I’M NOT A PRO DOM”. I specialize in over the knee hand spanking, paddling, strapping, whipping, humiliation and light bondage, and erotic roll play.

I’ve made some really good friends on this site. ultimately I’m looking for that one soul mate. Recently I really thought I found my little soul mate, I was so enthralled. I was rudely mistaken. Life goes on. If you don’t jump in with both feet, it’s not really fair to either of you. You reach an age when you realize, this is you, the future is now, you have become the person you are. There will always be give and take in relationships, always some growth. I know, some people say, “I’ll never change.” Not true. Someone enters your life and becomes part of it, it will influence it, no matter what your age is.

Master Jay


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