Crazy Ass Night  

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9/16/2005 1:04 am

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Crazy Ass Night

One of my subs I hardly ever get to see made a surprise visit. Long blond hair, long legs, a smile that can light up a room an ass that just begs for my attention. I like to use the phrase “she so hot she can make a straight girl gay”

We were off to our local S&M club with a small arsenal of toys. As we walked in to the club there was what I thought to be a manikin just inside the entrance, I would be wrong, this guy was completely encased in latex hood, straight jacket and pants and then inflated. On this night the Baroness was in town giving her demonstration on latex products. Latex is always amazing to see, I’ve seen it a lot over the years but to see it done at this level is awesome. The Baroness had this one guy in all black latex, hood and all, even his cock which protruded from his body was encased in latex and he was firmly strapped to the wall. The Baroness also had three very attractive young ladies all decked out in different color latex outfits walking among the audience encouraging people to sort of grope them. All this latex added a really cool atmosphere to the club. After the demonstration I was able to steal the Baroness away for about half hour. What a astonishing women. If you ever get the opportunity you will not be disappointed.

Every time I go to the club I seem to buy more toys and why not, you don‘t always have access to this. I bought the wildest horse hair whip, braided leather handle with a long thick blond mane, nice.

About a half hour after the demonstration the club opens up it’s doors to the public. Oh yes, time to play. Where ever we went people followed, my hot little sub always draws that kind of attention. As she stripped down we were drawing a rather large audience. As I helped her take up position on the spanking bench I turn around and more people. I started off sitting along side her holding her around the waste and giving her a nice steady warm up, every so often turning to check on her, kiss her on the cheek give her words of encouragement. I’ve been playing with so many novices lately, so, so nice to play with a very experienced sub. I slowly moved up to the paddle, flogger, strap, and finally the cane. I also flogged her pussy, which she really loves. During all this, as I always do I caressed her back kissed her cheek occasionally played with her pussy, just awesome scene. The way she moves with the strokes the way she cries from the release of emotions. The audience of now over fifty people gave her a huge applause.

Still bent over the bench, I instructed my sub to reach between her legs a play with herself. Many people moved up to get a closer look. One very attractive young lady came forward. This amazing young lady from Poland probably in her mid twenties, most seducing smile beautiful big round eyes, great body, asked if she could help. Oh…ok. As my sub continued to masturbate this young lady caressed her ass, rubbed her pussy kissed her so sensually, her hands moved about her body so, so slow, my little sub came three times. During this scene time stood still, the only sound was the continues moaning coming from my sub. If possible the audience seemed to have grown. Things progressed to the point were my sub was now sucking on woman’s nipples she now has reached up under the her skirt and was playing with her pussy…I was feeling a little left out “lol” ..

The night ended as we parked at the Cloister over looking the Hudson and the lights of the George Washington.

Master Jay

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