Ask Master Jay #8  

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9/21/2005 12:46 am

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Ask Master Jay #8

Man from Portland

Q) I've been wondering about this. I see a lot of talk about training and show collars, but have never seen a reference to a work collar. I undersand the need for a show collar of somekind, but when does a training collar stop being a training collar and become a work collar?

When a new sub/slave-wannabe comes into my house I call the collar a training collar, but when I have an established sub/slave come into my house I just have them put it on... I don't call it anything!

At some point shouldn't a collar be called a work collar? When does the training collar stop being a training collar?

a) A collar that is used for play/training is just that.

Collaring a sub is a level of commitment between both of you. I’ve collared two subs in the past. At the time I collared these two subs, I was involved in a large click in New York centering around the Hell Fire Club, following the advice of some very well known Masters & Mistresses I went very slow through the process of collaring. No matter what the process is, ultimately it’s about commitment..

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