A lifestyle you may want to explore....  

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9/21/2005 8:18 am

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A lifestyle you may want to explore....

Been active in the scene for over twenty years. I am level-headed and even-tempered, and am quite effective in the non-threatening aspect of Control... thru a type of Protocol that has been refined and enjoyed by both myself and my partners in previous encounters/relationships. I will only require and/or allow needs to be met in ways that meet our needs. I am Intense and can penetrate your will with just my PRESENCE. I promise to respect ALL limits and phobias. I tend to start off excruciatingly S L O W W W in order to begin to create both Trust and Need within a submissive. If you are new or fairly new to submission, you need not be concerned that I might just go 'beyond the line', or mistreat you. After all, a large part of my pleasure comes from the 'devotion' that is offered to me. I do not wish to stifle that in any way due to 'over-doing' it. strapping, whipping, Humiliation and light bondage.

The type of woman I envision is comfortable in her life. She is both gracious and generous in her ability to submit herself increasingly as she experiences my brand of domination. You will be prepared and expect to withstand intense physical sensation, in the aspect of prolonged 'erotic anticipation' (a term I use to describe my process of INCREDIBLE give/take).

You must adore being COMPLETELY submissive and love to take it any way you must in order to please. I'm looking for a woman who likes her tits pinched and pulled; Light bondage or more, who craves spankings, and the right amount of carefully applied pain/discipline. I take pleasure taking her into my arms and Kissing her w/ ANIMAL PASSION before teasing the flesh unmercifully. You are totally uninhibited, and a TOTAL SLUTT... looking for sexxual & verbal humiliation to incite your LUST even further. Your mind & body melts when I push you onto your knees and silently command you to begin your WORSHIP. You NEED to be controlled sexually, and 'forced' to do nasty, perverted & degrading things for me. You will have sexxual satisfaction like you have ALWAYS wanted.. and MORE ~!! You are seeking strict rules, discipline good spankings, control & denial, all hole use, humiliation/verbal abuse, pleasure/pain.

Sound like a lifestyle you may want to explore
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