This may thrill one or two of you out there ~ The Garage~  

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8/22/2006 5:56 am

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This may thrill one or two of you out there ~ The Garage~


“SO, you like to tie people up do you”?..” Well I am going to give you a taste of what it feels like”!! “ The kids will be asleep in bed soon so I want you to go downstairs and get ALL your ropes.” “ Wait for me, I won’t be long.”

“ Ya right, and just what are you going to do “?...” Wait and see” comes the reply.

After what seems like an eternity but in reality is only a few moments you come downstairs and survey the situation. A not too pleasant look comes over your face as you pick up the ropes and say “ Grab that chair you are so fond of and bring it into the garage”.

With out so much as a shrug I comply. After all what are you going to do to me anyway? A cold blast or air greets us as we open the door to the garage and walk in. It is going to be a cool evening that is for sure. A demanding look comes across your face as you say to me “Take off all your clothes”! Boy this is going to be interesting I a few moments I am completely naked standing in the icy cold of the garage.

“Sit down in the chair and cross your hands behind your back”, you command. I hesitate slightly and comply.

Now you begin your work. A length of rope is looped around my wrists and pulled up so tight that I hear you grunt. Turn after turn of the rope is wound around my wrists, each turn is pulled up TIGHT. The wrists cinching makes the whole works even tighter. Several knots are placed at the cinches and I can feel all your strength go into it. The last few feet of rope is brought down to a rung in the chair and tied off. An extra tug on the rope forces my entire body back so that my butt is lifted off the chair.

Nervously I say..” looks like you mean business”. With clenched teeth you reply,” Just wait, I have just begun”!

My ankles get your full attention next. They are lashed incredibly tightly to the rung in the front of the chair. I cannot but help to admire the neatness of the rope work. All the knots are double and pulled up impossibly tight. You stand back and pick up yet more rope. I test my bonds....hopeless.

“I can’t escape from this you know. You have done an outstanding job.” From the look on your face I can see that you are not listening. It looks as if I have angered you big time. With that I feel ropes being wrapped around my elbows. They are drawn tightly together. Loop upon loop of rope is round around my upper arms. I can feel your foot being placed in my back to give you more leverage as you pull everything up with all your might. By this time I realize that I am in trouble big time.’s tight!!

My wrists are now fastened to the chair back. Elbows the same. You have managed to secure my shoulders to the chair top with some incredibly clever and VERY tight rope work.

What next? Coming to the front of the chair I can see a cloud over your face. You begin work on my knees. The rope is doubled in two and looped around my knees. This time you take off your shoes and place your nyloned foot on the front of the chair for balance. With both hands wrapped around the rope you put your whole body into tightening every loop. When you cinch up my knees I can see a look of determination on your face. There is no doubt that you mean business. You finish off my knees by tying them to a rung in the front of the chair.

By this time any more rope would be academic. I’m not going anywhere. “Gee, more rope”?, I say sarcastically. Without a word more rope is wrapped around my waist. The rope presses deeply in my flesh. You have not finished yet. Loop upon loop of the soft cotton rope is wound tightly over my lap. Your toes tickle my sides as you pull up the ropes. Finally the last of the rope is wrapped around my chest.

Looking up I can see sweat pouring down your face. You have had quite a workout. As a finishing touch my two big toes are lashed together. Can’t even wriggle my feet!

There I am, completely naked and tied to a chair so thoroughly as to feel part of it. Hundreds of feet of cotton rope are encased around me. Not a crossed rope anywhere. I am absolutely stunned at the neatness of the tie job.

“Now what”? I ask. “I’m leaving you here”, you reply. “For how long”? I answer back. With an I mean it look you say “Two days. Enjoy yourself”. Without another word you turn and leave. I hear the door to the garage door close. The light goes off.

My situation is absolutely hopeless. I try my bounds with all my strength. No use. I try the slow methodical approach. Again hopeless. Crap! The cold is starting to get to me, my nipples are erect. Butterflies are churning in my stomach. I just cannot believe that I am trussed up sooo thoroughly, naked and in a cold garage at night.

The tie started at 10 pm and it took a good 1/2 hour to do me up. I have no way of knowing how long I have been in this ridicules situation. All I know is that I’m cold and horny. The ropes do feel kind of good after all.

I hear footsteps upstairs. Someone is coming down! The garage door opens and it is my tormentor. “Come to untie me”? I ask hopefully. “Fat chance” comes the curt reply. “ I came to make sure your ropes were still nice and tight and to give you some news”.

Every loop and knot were tightened as far as possible. My circulation was not cut off but my lord the ropes were tight. Serves me right I suppose.

“You are going to be put on display in the morning. You have the rest of the night to think about it”. Major squirming by me!...”ah, what do you mean”? I ask. “Just what I said. I’m going to open up the garage door and drag you out on the driveway. Should be fun”. “ What about the neighbours?..What the hell are they going to think”? I ask. “ They will know about your love of bondage I suppose. You will look rather foolish naked and tied don’t you think”?

With that last remark you turn and leave. The door closes and I hear you go upstairs to the bedroom.

How the hell am I going to get out of this I ponder...................I’m not!

CB_2 51F

8/29/2006 2:57 pm

And I bet it gave you a massive erection, as well!

Blogito ergo sum.

rm_Masato13 62M
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8/29/2006 4:23 pm

A massive erection that I could do nothing about.

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