The Gallery - Part 1  

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The Gallery - Part 1

I have a new friend, an artist of great repute. An artist who has stirred my creative juices like no other. This story I dedicate to her.


You have been naked , bound, gagged and blindfolded to that post for several hours now. The ben-wa balls are still vibrating inside of you. How much longer you can stand this is anyone’s guess. But stand it you must!

People are starting to enter the gallery. Laughter and talk fills the air. I put an additional layer of hot oil all over your body moments ago so as to make you glow. My hands all over your body, massaging the oil in has made you quite excited to say the least. In fact you enjoyed the attention and the massage and it made you feel much more relaxed.

Once you hear the people enter, you know that it is display time! You also know that you are hopelessly bound and escape is impossible. Therefore your strategy is to be perfectly still. Who knows, they might mistake you for a lifeless statue!

Being blindfolded, you are unaware that a rope barrier has been placed around you. I have made you an exhibit remember? You are calm, still as the crowd gathers around you. Friends of ours are in attendance, you recognize the voices. With the ropes binding you so tightly to the post, the balls deep up inside you, the gag and blindfold and the obvious attention that is being given to you, it must be hard to keep still!

Secretly you are enjoying all of this. You have exhibited yourself before, but never like this. So toughly bound! So tightly gagged! So expertly blindfolded! So naked and helpless! Wow!

After what seems an eternity, the gallery empties. Alone at last. The ropes binding you so securely to the post are starting to feel uncomfortable. After all, you have been tied to that post for HOURS! It is with great relieve that the ropes are undone. It takes about one half hour to get you totally untied..that was the extent of your tremendous bondage. Once released, you fall to the ground. Understanding how you feel, my strong hands massage your aching body. The redness in your limbs from the ropes is being rubbed out. However, I cannot leave you free. Your arms are drawn behind your back, your wrists are crossed. Expertly your wrists are tied behind your back! Even after being tied so tightly for so long you whimper in delight as I finish off the bondage behind your back.

Taking you by the arm, you are no longer gagged or blindfolded, I lead you across the gallery and up a set of stairs. There is an apartment upstairs that has been made available to us. Once inside you can see it is a very nice little suite indeed. Without hesitating I guide you to the bathroom. Once there, I turn on the shower. I want you to be clean and fresh for tomorrow we have a day!

The shower is a perfect temperature, you step into it. With a sigh you drink in the sensation of being cleansed. Not surprisingly, I strip and climb in with you. With a soft sponge I gently clean your entire body.

After about a half hour, I turn off the water and bring you out of the shower onto a mat. There you are gently toweled dry. A sweet smelling powder is rubbed all over your body. I direct you to sit on the floor. I stand behind you and blow dry you long silky hair. Being so long it takes a very long time to dry. You seem to enjoy this. The dryer and brush working your hair.

You must be hungry. A small meal has been prepared for you. I am not a bad cook you know. Lovingly the food is fead to you. This takes a while as you and I are in no hurry.

Finally you are satisfied. Clean and with a full tummy you are now ready for the next session. With a gleam in my eye (and yours also) I snap a garter belt around your waist. A pair of black stockings appears from behind my back as if magic. Not saying a word, you point your toes so as I can place the stockings on your legs. I gently work the stockings up your legs, one at a time of course. Once pulled up, they are fastened to the garter belt.

Now, for the fun! Taking you by the arm (your wrists are still tied behind you) you are lead from the apartment back down to the gallery. I take you to the pole that you were so expertly bound to. This time you see a small mattress at the base of the pole. I direct you to lie face down on the mattress with your legs behind the post. Coming behind you, I grab your ankles and pull you back until your crotch is pressing up against the post.

I cross your ankles and bind them tight. Again, you can tell from the number of wrappings and the cinching that this is an incredibly tight job. Your ankles are lifted up and tied tightly to the post. Next your wrists. They are brought back and tied to the post. You are in a hog-tie with the post between your wrists and ankles. As an added measure, your elbows are bound up tight together.

There you lie. A pole hog-tie. Cannot move at all! Comfortable? Good. No gag. No blindfold. You are to spend the night like that. With a turn I am gone. The lights are turned off. Silence. There you are, bound to a post in a hog-tie position, alone for the night. You can only dream of what is in store for you tomorrow.

From inside the gallery, you can hear the birds singing. It must be morning. You can only wait until some one, any one, comes to untie you. You try to get some relief by pressing yourself against the mattress. It feels good, but you are now starting to wish for those damn balls!

After what seems an eternity, I appear in front of you. Keeping our agreement of silence you do not say a word. However from the expression on your face I can see you are ready for more.

I place a wooden pole in front of you. It is six feet long and four inches in diameter. At both ends you can see an eye bolt has been attached. Very sturdy you note.

Without a word you are unbound. I give you a minute or so to stretch your arms and legs for they have been in a hog-tie position for almost twelve hours now. I roll you over on your back and place your neck under the wooden pole. Your left wrist is taken and placed on the pole as far out as possible. With a long length of rope the wrist is tightly bound to the post. You are amassed at the tightness and neatness. Your right wrist is next. The same attention is given to your right wrist as your left. You test the bounds. Hopeless!

A long piece of rope is doubled in two. This rope is looped around your nyloned leg just above the knee. Several turns are made and it is knotted off. There is several feet of rope left...what is going to happen with it? The other leg is bound exactly as the first.

Now, with another length of nylon rope, doubled in two, your ankles are placed tight against your thighs and the rope is looped around your ankles and thighs drawing them close together. Loop upon loop is wrapped around your thighs and ankles. There is cinching between your ankles and thighs. I knot it in several places. This is TIGHT you think. The other leg is bound up tight in the same manner.

Now my love, the ropes attached to your knees. The ropes are pulled up to the post past your wrists. This brings your legs to a wide open position. With your ankles fastened to your thighs and your knees brought up as close as possible to the post that your wrists are secured are quite exposed!

This is the first time that you have seen your bondage. Usually your hands and feet are tied tightly behind you. You are pleased with the neatness and tightness of the ropes. You have been tied by someone who take pride in what he does.

Now for the hooks on the post. Two sturdy ropes are dropped from the ceiling. At the end of each rope is a clasp. These clasps are fastened onto the hooks on the post. With an effort I pull the ropes up so that the post is about three feet off of the round brining you up to your knees.

A long length of rope is wrapped around your waist. I pull it tight making your already slim waist slimmer. Knotted off in the front, the end is brought between your legs and up to the small of your back. Once there, it is knotted off. The remainder of the rope is brought up tight to the post behind your head and tied off. Now your body is supported by the crotch rope.

The panties and panty hose that had been used to gag you yesterday are now inserted into your mouth. The cloth that was used is now wound around your mouth in such a way as to fasten your head to the post.

You find that you cannot move your head but can only look forward. You see the look on my face as I go to the ropes suspending you. Easily I pull you up. Up and up you go. Now I have you suspended eight feet above the floor. The rope is tied off.

There you swing. Legs suspended and hung high above the floor. You cannot look down, only ahead. Perfectly displayed.

Have fun!!

What is next?

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