Oh Wicked Wanda - This is for you  

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Oh Wicked Wanda - This is for you

I have been doing the IRC chat thing for years now, when we were all using java script in fact. My travels to me to Gorean rooms and I learned much during my years playing Gor. There were two distinct groups on line; the BDSM crowd and the Goreans...we somehow did not get along all that well. Ah well.

There was this absolutely lovely Domme (BDSM were Dom/Domme, Gor were Master/Mistress) that I became very good friends with. A real honest to goodness gem she was.

She called me Gor guy and I referred to her as Wicked Wanda after the cartoon character in Penthouse magazine. Believe me, she fit it to a tee.

Wicked Wanda is a story I wrote especially for her and all the characters portrayed are after real people. Had a ball doing it but sadly put the story away to collect dust as all my friends from those days have all but vanished.

Until just recently that is. You see during my short time on AdultFriendFinder I have met a few rather enjoyable people that have kindled something that has been lost inside of me for all too long.

One of those people made a comment on one of my comments on a blog and my evil twin has come to the for front once again. I mean she got it or got me if you will. From that one well thought out comment about a common household utensil, I immediately thought "How wicked of you".

This is for you.

Wicked Wanda

Our heroine in this story is an absolutely exquisite Mistress that goes by the name of Wicked Wanda or just plain WW to her friends. You see WW has a brother, a Gorean Master of some note that is known for his deliciously evil ways, especially when it comes to bondage. Wanda has mastered most of his tricks and has come up with quite of few of her own, a bondage wizard in her own right.

Wanda is tall and stunning with exotic looks. Long dark hair tumbles down to her slim waist. Dark mysterious eyes smolder like hot coals that only hint as to what is going on inside of her head. Firm ample breasts are barley hidden beneath a tight fitting black silk blouse, her short black leather skirt shimmers in the light. Wanda’s long athletic legs are encased in black stockings, the tops made visible from under her skirt as she walks. High heel shoes clatter as she walks across the stone floor.

Oh Wanda, what goes on behind those sinful eyes of yours?

Tonight, our heroine has planned something special for her two, how shall I put it, guests. Kneeling in the corner of the room is two of the loveliest creatures known to mankind, both naked and chained by means of collars around their pretty necks to the wall. Eyes lowered to the ground in a desperate attempt to avoid any contact what so ever with WW, the two slaves quiver with either fear or anticipation as to what is to become of them. At this point it is hard to tell but if I were a betting man I would have to say the later.

Wanda the wicked moves provocatively across the room to where the two hapless slaves are chained. Slowly and deliberately, she with the devil in her heart studies her victims. The corner of Wanda’s mouth curls up in an impish smile as she moistens her lips sensuously with the tip of her tongue.

On the left we have the slave Kathy. Kathy is a young thing in her mid twenties. Her tall slim build hints at her athleticism, the firm perky breasts confirm it. Wanda notes that kathy would not look out of place as a model in a fashion magazine and it is with this thought that Wanda comes up with the perfect bondage position to display the slaves’ assets.

On the right is the slave nikko. Nikko is the property of Wanda’s brother and he has graciously offered her to his sister as a kind of present, which absolutely delighted WW as she has had designs on this imp of a girl for some time now. Short in stature, nikko is a full six inches shorter than WW but beautifully proportioned. Red hair cascades down past nikko’s shoulders and dances on her ample breasts as she breathes. Oh she is an eager one and it is nikko that shall feel the pleasures of the mistresses touch first…. or will she?

Reaching down, Wanda unfastens the chain holding kathy to the wall and leads her into the center of the room. It is here that kathy will be displayed in the tightest and neatest bondage imaginable.

The slave kathy is positioned with her back against a twelve-inch diameter metal post, the coldness of which startles our poor little slave. Wanda gently pushes kathy down into a kneeling position, her legs behind the post, ankles and wrists crossed behind. Within seconds the trembling slave’s skin has become accustomed to the steel and she presses her body full back to test the strength of the post. No need to worry, once bound to this post she is going nowhere kathy thinks.

Wanda the most wicked has prepared well and has hundreds of feet of soft ropes and cords to bind the girl in inescapable bondage. A six-foot length of rope is taken from the pile by Wanda ….the binding begins.

Kathy groans slightly as she feels the ropes tighten around her slim wrists. Wanda uses a lashing technique to bind kathy’s wrists and pulls up hard as she cinches the rope. Several tight and rather exotic knots are used to finish the job. WW has learned well from her brother and understands that the wrist bondage is of the utmost importance and must not under any circumstances even look as if it may be escapable. A smirk crosses Wanda’s face as she tests the wrist bonds knowing full well that Kathy is going nowhere.

The slaves’ eyes sparkle as she watches her tormentor pick up a long length of rope and moves behind her. Kathy turns her head to watch as Wanda crosses her delicate ankles and starts to bind them ever so tightly and expertly. Our little slave girl lets out a little giggle when Wanda runs her fingers across the soles of her bare feet, tickling them to see how much movement Kathy has. Judging from the helpless expression on the girls face she did not have much at all.

Wanda knew that this lovely creature she had bound to the pole was now totally helpless but she was far from finished the bondage. She wanted as complete a package as was humanly possible and that was that. Thoughts of displaying Kathy in her bondage amused Wanda and a plan to do just that was already formulating in her sadistic little mind. Ooooooooo her brother would be green with envy when he laid eyes on this little package she mused.

Our mistress of the ropes takes another very long length of rope and sits on the floor in front of Kathy, her legs provocatively spread in front of her. Wanda slowly and methodically binds the slave girls’ knees to the sides of the post, drawing the rope up tightly after each turn.

It is with some difficulty that Wanda threads the rope between the knees of our bondage bunny and the post. By taking the care to cinch the knee bindings, not only would they be tightened to the maximum but also the job would be all the more appealing to the eye. At long last Wanda finishes this part of the bondage with several clever knots.

Wanda’s eyes gleam as she stands and examines her handiwork. Next to get the attention of our lovely bondager is the slaves elbows and chest. Wanda takes a 25’ length of soft rope and fastens kathy’s elbows to the post is the same manner as her knees were making sure the bondage was a tight as possible. Yet another length of rope is doubled in two and looped around the post just behind the shoulder blades of the hapless girl. Wanda wraps loop upon loop of rope around kathy’s chest under and over her firm breasts, pulling each wrap tight as she goes and finally knotting it off at the back.

More rope is doubled in to and looped around the post behind the small of kathy’s back. As with her chest bindings, Wanda pulls the whole thing up so tight the waist of the poor girl is drawn down a size. A mischievous grin crosses Wanda’s face as she ties the rope off in front and starts to feed the remaining rope down between the slave’s legs. Kathy lets out a small moan of pleasure as the rope is tightened, drawing her pelvis tight up against the post. Wanda ties of the last of the rope in an intricate knot, a grunt escapes from her lips as she strains to pull thus final knot tight.

I should be up for Dom of the year, Wanda thinks as she surveys her craftsmanship. Now to put a cork in the champagne with a nice tight little gag. Wanda picks up a silk scarf and rolls it into a tight little ball… the bound slave knows that her situation is hopeless and opens wide to accept the silk. A three-inch wide strip of cloth is placed between kathy’s lips to hold the gag in place and is brought behind the post, pulling the girls head up tight against the post. The cloth strip is long and it takes several turns before it is used up. Big eyes looks up at Wanda the Wicked, a faint murmur comes from the mouth of the slave as she tests her bounds fully for the first time and realizes how utterly helpless she is.

As a final touch, Wanda takes two nipple clamps that are adorned with tiny crystal balls and fastens then onto the now erect nipples of our little slave girl. Kathy looks down at the jewels dangling from the tips of her breasts, her eyes glow as she sees the light reflect off the balls. Alas, Kathy is tied so securely to the pole that any movement at all is totally out of the question so all she can do is watch as they turn.

Wanda takes a great deal of delight as she walks around the bound and gagged girl carefully inspecting her work. Just to make sure, WW runs her fingers over all of the coils and coils of rope to ensure that it is indeed very very tight and secure.

While Kathy was being put into this tremendous bondage, nikko has been sitting chained to the wall, thoughts of what is going to happen to her happily dancing in her head. Butterflies start to churn in the tiny girls tummy as she watches Wanda cross the floor in her direction. Nikko catches Kathy trying to look her way but can only manage a sideways glance, her gag holding her head tightly to the metal post.

Nikko notes, with some glee that Wanda has worked up a bit of a sweat and seems a tad aroused. Wanda finally reaches the wall where nikko is chained, unfastens her from the wall and leads her to what is to be nikko’s place of bondage for many hours to come. You see Wanda has a new toy, a sturdy wooden cross or a St. Andrews cross as some may call it. This cross is suspended from the ceiling on each of its four corners by chains, waist high. Nikko need absolutely no direction or encouragement and eagerly hopes onto the cross face up, with her arms and legs stretched out on the cross.

Oh she is an imp Wanda thinks and she is going to particularly enjoy putting this one is extreme bondage and have her way with her. WW bends down and picks up a small sack that was lying beneath the cross and takes out several rolls of three-inch wide silver duct tape. Nikko squirms with delight, as she now knows how she is going to be fastened to the cross.

A glint of wickedness flashes in Wanda’s eyes as she undoes the first roll of tape and starts binding the slaves right wrist to the cross. Wanda takes her time as she wraps the smooth silvery tape tightly around and around the girls’ wrists and down her arms, smoothing it out after each and every turn. Nikko feels the stickiness of the tape slowly progress down her arm past her elbow and finally stop just under her armpit. A giggle can be heard from nikko across the room as her tormentor starts taping down her other arm.

Once the little creatures arms are fastened down to the satisfaction of the devil of a Dom positions herself between nikko’s legs. It is from here that the rest of the bondage will take place. Nikko’s eyes widen as Wanda bends her right leg up tight against the back of her thigh and holds her slim little ankle in one hand as she starts winding the tape around with the other. Once Wanda has the ankle secured to the thigh, two hands are used to wrap the tape around nikko’s legs fastening them tightly to the cross. Wanda repeats the bondage on the other leg taking great care to ensure everything is as tight as possible.

Just to make doubly sure, Wanda runs her hands over every inch of the tape to make sure it is perfectly smooth and extra tight. WW can relax a bit as she now has both of the little slave girls tightly bound. Kathy bound in a kneeling position back to a hard steel post and lovely nikko taped spread eagle legs bent up behind her to a suspended wooden cross. Lovely indeed.

If nikko thinks that her bondage is complete, she has a surprise in store. Wanda returns to the sack that held the tape and pulls out a bright red ball gag and stuffs it deeply into nikkos’ sweet little mouth. There is a look of treachery in Wanda’s eyes as she buckles the ball gag up nice and tight. Nikko can only squirm and groan as she sees what is coming up next.

From the ceiling Wanda pulls down two chrome nipple clamps that are attached to cords. The cords are threaded through two separate hooks in the ceiling with weights firmly tied to the other end. With this set-up, Wanda can clamp the devices onto nikkos nipples and gravity does the rest. A slow and deliberate lick from Wanda’s hot moist tongue moistens the slaves nipples, nikko lets out a soft low noise from under her gag as the clamps are tightened around hard red nipples. The weights are sufficiently heavy enough to pull the ample breasts of the sweet struggling slave straight up.

Wanda’s breathing is getting heavier by the minute, her chest is starting to heave and she can feel a small trickle of warm liquid run down the inside of her leg. A quick glance over to the slave in extreme pole bondage confirms what Wanda suspected; the girl is indeed in a state of frustration, a tiny pool of moisture developing on the floor directly under her now soaking wet pussy.

A tiny push by Wanda on the cross sends nikko into a state of frenzy as the motion of the suspended cross pulls the weighted cords that are firmly attached to her nipples. The best the poor bondaged slave can do is wiggle her toes and fingers, the duct tape holds firm as it was designed to. Wanda grins to herself as she reaches yet again into the sack and pulls out two items of interest, a short stout candle encased in a webbing and a rather nasty looking vibrator with little pink fingers sticking out all over it. Yummy!

The most wicked whistles to herself as she ties the webbing of the candle to a length of cord that is hanging from the ceiling and positions it carefully about 6 inches directly above nikko’s throbbing pussy. Nikko looks up and lets out a muffled scream, as she just knows that hot wax is going to be dripping down on her sooner than later. Once the candle is in place the she-devil in the black skirt turns her attention to a very wet and juicy part of nikko’s anatomy. Slowly and methodically the sinister looking vibrator is moved into position. Wanda can feel the heat inside her swell as she places the contraption further and further into our dear little slave. Nikko wildly shakes her head from side to side but to no avail, Wanda has started and she is going to finish.

Once the vibrator is fully inserted, WW takes a long length of cord and wraps it tightly around nikko’s waist, knots it in front and brings the remaining length between her luscious legs and over the top of the vibrator to hold it in place. With a strong tug, Wanda tightens the cord to its fullest and ties the end off in the small of nikko’s back.

The whole process of binding these two darlings has taken Wanda almost two hours and she is in dire need of a smoke. She is flush with excitement and can hardly contain herself and without a little release there is no telling what she might do. With that our Dom strikes a match and lights up. Nikko catches a look of delicious evil in Wanda’s eyes as she lights the candle that is hanging over nikko’s snatch.

Now the Mistress can relax and contemplate her next move. Kathy has not stopped struggling against her ropes; she seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself Wanda thinks to herself. Nikko is having some time of it with the vibrator tied up tightly inside of her, the candle about to drip hot wax on her most sensitive parts and the weights on the nipple clamps adding to her discomfort, or should we say, ecstasy?

Suddenly and without warning the door to the room opens and who should be standing there in all his splendor and glory but the brother of Wanda! Oh my, and what does he have in tow? Another slave? Wanda’s heart jumps to her throat as she sees who it is. This is a slave of some beauty herself, equally that of Kathy and nikko, a slave of delightful proportions standing just over 5 feet. Dark shiny hair cascades down to her shoulders. Delicate, elegant a divine specimen to be sure.

Wanda can see that her arms are bound behind her back in a most secure fashion that only her brother would come up with. Wrists crossed and lashed behind, ropes brining her elbows almost together and yet more rope from the elbow bounds up over her shoulders in the front, looped around the back of a slender neck and back down the other side and tied off at the other elbow. This of course served the purpose of keeping the elbow bindings from slipping down. To finish the package off a rope was tied around the girls slim waist, tied in front, brought back between her legs, under the waist rope in back and back between her legs in front. A nice leash don’t you think?

The rope master grins from ear to ear as her marches into the room with his little prize in following behind as best she can. Wanda runs up to her brother and gives him a welcome hug and her brother responds by wrapping a great arm around her waist and bringing her near.

“What have we here my evil one?” says the brother. The master, intrigued inspects his sisters’ art and nods his approval. “I have brought you a gift wicked one, you like”? Wanda, being nobodies fool snatches the leash from her brother and draws the bound girl up close. Instinctively she kneels before her mistress, eyes downward and shivering in anticipation.

Masato, the Master of mischief ambles over to his love, the bound and gagged nikko. Oh what a time I’m going to have with you my little chilli pepper, got you just where I want you.

But what about our poor gagged and very tied up slave kathy? She is so perfectly bound that Wanda and her brother have decided to photograph her and perhaps feature her in a popular bondage magazine. Kathy squirms furiously at the thought, unable to move an inch getting more and more aroused by the minute.

The three slave girls spent the rest of the weekend in glorious bondage and all had a satisfying time. But the details of that little adventure are for another story.

~To be continued~

CB_2 51F

9/9/2006 3:11 pm

Mmmmmm, Masato. Never thought I'd get quite so into these bondage stories, but that's the message from between my legs

Blogito ergo sum.

rm_Masato13 62M
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9/9/2006 3:44 pm

The ultimate comment from the ultimate lady. Now I suppose those scissors for Christmas are out of the question?

CB_2 51F

9/10/2006 4:04 am

I've told you, I'll be in Madeira for Christmas - maybe when I get back...

Blogito ergo sum.

rm_Masato13 62M
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9/10/2006 6:46 am

    Quoting CB_2:
    I've told you, I'll be in Madeira for Christmas - maybe when I get back...
Me thinks you are enjoying the thought of leaving me like that until then.

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