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Masato - who are you?

A little about myself would probably be in order right about now. Like many of you on this site, I am a bondage enthusiast, pure and simple. For as long as I can remember the sight of a well bound woman..well just does it for me. I enjoy being on the receiving end of bondage just as much as I enjoy being the one who does the binding.

My personality is very much dominate with a strong streak of "don't tell me what to do." That part of my being has gotten me into the glue on more than one occasion (OK lots of occasions) but I'm in group now and feel much better tyvm.

The pictures that I have posted of me in that hogtie were taken by a proffesional Domme in Vancouver. As you can see her work is rather good. Not only were the ropes tight as hell, she was neat about her bondage as well. Trust me when I say escape was out of the question.

You may be asking yourself if this guy is not a sub by nature, why go to a Domme? Well, I went to be tied, pure and simple. Those pictures cost me a small fortune and I'm going to show them dammit.

Oh, yes I am married and wifey is well aware of my fetish but no longer has the desire to play bondage any more. Poor me.. And yes she is also well aware that I am looking for a bondage playmate and in fact told me to do so. Lucky me...

I am not looking for sex at all, just bondage play and I'm not bad at it at all. If this intrigues you lets talk.

To let you dear reader deeper into my sick little mind, I will post some of my writings. One per week if there is an interest.

Please enjoy....

Keiko’s Party

Keiko is a stunningly beautiful Japanese woman. She stands 5 feet two inches and weighs 115 lbs soaking wet. Her breasts are large and very firm. Keiko’s long black hair falls down to her slim waist. Athletic looking legs and slim ankles are one of Keiko’s features that I find most attractive. Dark eyes, full lips and fair skin are a turn on.

It doesn’t hurt that Keiko absolutely loves to be tied up. The tighter and more restrictive the better as far as she is concerned. She is not really happy unless she is bound up like a Christmas turkey and severely gagged. One time she asked to be tied to a chair for the entire weekend and I was only too happy to oblige. She murmered through her gag and fought her ropes from Friday evening to early Monday morning. I could see that she was having multiple organisms from pressing against her crotch rope. Friday night, all day Saturday, Saturday night and then again all day Sunday, Sunday night again and finally freedom Monday morning before I left for work. I did ungag her for a few brief moments to give her nourishment through out her ordeal but she absolutely refused to be untied. But that is a story for another day.

Today I have something very special for my lovely Keiko. We are both on holidays for the next four weeks and I am going to give her a bondage lesson she will never forget. Careful planning has gone into this event and I am going to enjoy tying her up. In fact, I am going to take my time roping her, being extra careful to make her bondage as neat, tight and as inescapable as possible.

Keiko has been instructed to shower and then powder her body. She looks and smells wonderful! I have purchased a crotchless nylon body suit for her to wear. It is beige in color and very shear. Keiko slowly puts the suit on all the while giving me a sly little grin. Her nipples are starting to get erect. If I was to check, I am sure her crotch would be moist.

Once Keiko has put on the nylon body suit, she crosses the bedroom floor and puts her slender arms tightly around my neck. The nylon feels silky against my body, I like the sensation. A long passionate kiss from Keiko tells me that she is ready for the game to begin. It was with some amusement that Keiko felt that I was getting aroused.

“Where do you want me rope master”? Keiko said with a coy voice. “I can tell from all the rope that I am going to be trussed up like a roast on a spit. How many feet of rope do you have there any way? Two or three hundred?” “Something like that”, I reply. “Probably more though.” “How long have you been soaking it in water? You know that cotton rope shrinks when it dries”, Keiko said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“That it does my sweat, that it does. Now be a good little girl and bring me that nice juicy ball gag will you”. “But a ball gag makes me drool after 20 minutes”! Keiko protests. “I’ll be a slobbering mess in no time”! “That’s the idea”, I reply.

Without a moments hesitation Keiko takes the ball gag and places it in her mouth, making sure to lock the ball behind her teeth. She then meekly turns her back to me and places her chin on her chest. Keiko lets out a grunt as I tighten the strap behind her lovely neck. When she raises her head, the gag presses even tighter into her mouth. That should keep her from protesting as I continue my work. This is going to be one tight bondage job, even by Keiko’s standards. I am going to enjoy watching her squirm as the rope drys and slowly shrinks.

Keiko knowingly and obediently crosses her wrists behind her back. She doesn’t think it a proper tie unless her arms are secured behind her back. Keiko has told me it enhances the feeling of helplessness. With a six foot length of wet cotton rope I bind Keiko’s wrists behind her back. She lets out a grunt as I cinch up the rope pulling it even tighter. As instructed, Keiko wriggles her wrists as I cinch to ensure that there is absolutely no slack. I have used lots of tight double knots and have made sure prying little fingers cannot reach them. Damn, I’m good!

I place Keiko in a sitting position on the edge of the bed. With a long length of rope I now start on her ankles. Sitting on a stool next to the bed, I place Keiko’s ankles on my lap. Nice feet she has. The rope is round around and around her ankles pulling every thing up tight after every turn. With the remaining three feet of rope I proceed to do my cinching. This time I place my double knots between her ankles. By doing it in this manner, not only does the roping job looks much neater, but it going to be impossible to reach the knots. A knife or a pair of scissors are going to be mandatory when it is time to untie her!

With Keiko gagged and bound hand and foot, I can now take my sweet time in finishing the job of binding my little captive. She is quite helpless. I stand back to admire my handiwork. Keiko gives me a “come on and finish the job” kind of look. At this point the telephone rings and I leave the room to answer it.

I must of been gone longer than I thought for when I returned to the bedroom there was Keiko struggling like mad, flopping around on the floor. She was drooling quite a bit by now. Looks like I’m going to have to mop up the carpet with a towel. I checked her ropes and as I had thought, they held fast. In fact they were starting to dry now and I could see that the rope was pressing hard into her flesh. She is going to have some marks on her, that is for sure. Wonder how she will explain them to her friends and co-workers?

Keiko looked up at me with a gleam in her eyes as she knew what was coming next. Walking over to the bucket of soaking rope, I selected a long length, brought it over to Keiko’s tightly bound form and knelt beside her. Doubling the rope in two, I looped on end around one of her elbows and pulled it tight. The other end was looped around her other elbow and drawn up as tight as I dared. I could hear a squeal of delight as I placed my foot Keiko’s side to get more leverage as I pulled her elbows together.

I was careful not to bring them together because it would be quite painful after a few hours and it was my plan to keep her in bondage for a very long time. I might even mail her back home to Japan! Now there is a thought!

Once her elbows were secured, I sat Keiko up so that I could work on her upper body. In order to keep the rope securing the elbows from slipping, I took another long length of rope fastened one end around her left elbow, brought the end through to her front, up over her shoulder and around the back of her neck. Then around her right elbow and knotted. As this was a rather long piece of rope, I was able to cross the remaining length across her chest and over to the other elbow and tie it off. There was still enough to bring it back across her chest and tie it off at the opposite elbow.

Now there was rope encasing her ankles, wrists, elbows and over and under her by now heaving breasts. Lovely.

For the next part of Keiko’s bondage, I stood her up on her feet and carried her to the full length mirror we had on the closet door. This way she could see what was going to happen to her. She looked HOT and she knew it!

A long length of my wet, wet cotton rope was looped around Keiko’s slim waist. It was wrapped round and round her waist drawing her arms and wrists tightly into her back. I pulled it so tight that I had to place my foot on her for leverage! When I had about ten feet or so of rope left, I began cinching the waist rope up even tighter by pulling it between her wrists and back. This was then tied off. There was still about three feet of rope left which enabled me to bring the rope between her legs. I made sure that the rope was nicely placed in her crotch. She was dripping wet! The end of the rope was pulled up in her front and tied off to finish this part of the bondage. Keiko gave me a pleading look as I gave the crotch rope an extra tug. This was the only relief that she would get for quite some time as I have planned to tie her in such a way that she will not be able to rub up on any thing!

I still have those gorgeous knees to tie up yet. Still in a standing position, I bind her legs above and below the knees. Lots and lots of rope here! As with her ankles, the knees are cinched and knotted between the legs making a nice neat and VERY secure job.

There she stood. Impossibly tight rope around her slim ankles, above and below her knees, wrists crossed and tied into the small of the back, elbows secured, rope over and under her breasts and a nice tight crotch rope. It had taken me over an hour to do this tie job. By now the drool was pouring out of Keiko’s mouth. Her chin is absolutely soaked! It’s running down her neck to her breasts. Keiko’s nipples are as hard as nails and from the look in her eyes I can tell that she wants me to rub them and probably hard! Moisture is running down her nyloned legs from her crotch. She is loving every bit of this and so am I.

That damn phone rings again and I leave Keiko alone to answer it. Just before I leave the room however, I turn to get one last glimpse of my bound friend and I catch a pleading look.

I must of been on that phone for over an hour because when I looked up there was Keiko rolling on the floor in front of me. She put up an incredible struggle as her face was covered in sweat and her hair was all matted and pressing against her forehead. Her situation was hopeless and she knew it.

“Well, well, well. You have been busy haven’t you? I’m not done with you yet you know. In fact we have just started”.

With that, I bend over and pick Keiko up and place her over my shoulder. I can feel the wetness of her front from all the drool and sweat. We have a hide-a-bed in the living room which I have already opened. Keiko is dropped face first on it. She is exhausted and seems relieved to be lying down on a soft bed instead of rolling around on the hard floor.

To be extra sure, I check and tightened ALL of Keiko’s ropes. They are dry now and I can see that Keiko and the ropes are one. She has plenty of circulation in her hands and feet, so I have done my job properly. I had placed some rope on the hide-a-bed earlier and now proceeded to use it. Placing Keiko’s bound feet just over the edge of the bed, I fastened them to the frame. Keiko let out a groan as I tightened and double knotted the ankle rope. I then took Keiko by the arms and lifted her into a sitting position. Her wrists were fastened to her ankles to make a VERY strict hog-tie. As an added measure I tied her big toes together with a length of twine.

I could not resist running my fingers of the soles of her feet. Keiko is very ticklish, especially on the feet. The only movement that Keiko could manage was to curl up her feet and wiggle her small toes. Her fingers were frantically searching for a knot but alas none was to be found.

I now sat on the bed in front of Keiko. Her face was flush from all the struggling. Hair matted and stuck to her cheeks and forehead. Her nipples were red from rubbing them on the floor during her struggles. The crotch rope was pressing hard against her clit. I slipped my fingers into her for a brief moment. This was the relief she was looking tried to move her hips towards my hand. Impossible considering how she was tied.

Keiko does not have a blindfold for a very special reason. I want to see the look in her eyes when I put her on display! She has never come out and told me that she would like to be seen in a bound state by other people, but I sense that she just might enjoy the attention.

“I’ll be back in an hour or so my love. There are some people that want to meet you and I have to prepare for our guests.” With that Keiko’s eyes became very large indeed. Her entire body turned red with embarrassment! To say that her struggling was wild would be an understatement. Tears were coming down her face. If I didn’t know better I would say that Keiko truly wanted to be untied this time.

Kissing her on the cheek while rubbing her nipples with my hands I said to her,”Whats the matter, getting scared”? Before leaving her alone I came up behind her and played with her bound feet for a few minutes. Poor girl was shaking uncontrollaby! Hard to tell if it was the tickling or the anticapation of being put on display that was getting to her.

Ah well...into the kitchen to prepare for our guests. I had a good view of Keiko from the kitchen but because she was tied to the hide-a-bed facing the wall, she could not see me at all. The video camera was set up behind her and turned on. I’ll show her the tape sometime in the future. What Keiko is unaware of is that I am going to keep her in a state of bondage for the next four weeks. Should be fun taking her shopping and out to eat.


Will he really have that party?

Hydragenias 56F

8/19/2006 1:18 pm

Welcome to the Blogs! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun here, it's a great place! Please know you are always welcome to stop by my place anytime, even if it's just to say Hi. Don't be a stranger!


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8/19/2006 3:23 pm

I am ready for some fantasies to come into fruition... I am having my first sex slave over on the sixth of September. I have him IM and am training him to respond to me properly... whenever he has a pleasurable thought he must ask me forgiveness for thinking of himself and his pleasures... then ask me if I want to know...

I will not let him into my presence until he is only thinking of my pleasure alone. He will learn.

L'Oracle de L'Amour
Thanks for joining my network... and maybe you, too, will earn the honor of my presence.

Hi again

rm_Masato13 62M
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8/19/2006 5:44 pm

Well,well,well L'Oracle...seems to me you have set up quite a catch 22 situation for your first sex slave. Would not thinking of your pleasures be his pleasures? Poor fellow can't win. But that is your wicked little plan is in not?

Tell plan on tying him naked to a chair in the garage for a day or two? I am sure we are all interested in what evil plans you have.

TheOracle2006 105F

8/19/2006 6:31 pm

    Quoting rm_Masato13:
    Well,well,well L'Oracle...seems to me you have set up quite a catch 22 situation for your first sex slave. Would not thinking of your pleasures be his pleasures? Poor fellow can't win. But that is your wicked little plan is in not?

    Tell plan on tying him naked to a chair in the garage for a day or two? I am sure we are all interested in what evil plans you have.
Not at all, Mon Cheri, my little prat must learn to think and listen only to me... not his own mind... My pleasure is that he only think of my pleasure. When he has learned to never anticipate his Mistress but obey, then the prize is won. I cannot keep in in the garage/studio for days... the family would surely find him... but I can send them all on their way for the day and teach my little prat... who loves it when I call him that... how to obey his Mistress. He will work for me naked for hours... and that is the only thing he can use his mind for...

I have not gotten to ropes yet... want to teach me the ropes?

I can be your apprentice... but we will need a willing "Keiko" since I only want to learn the ropes so I may tie you up... then I can decide what evil little plans I may devise for you.

I will create a special knot just for you and call it "Catch 22"

As for my little prat, the intention is to get him to the prize... for that is the goal of all... unless one has no prize to give and then one must suffice.

L'Oracle de L'Amour

What other secrets of my heart do you desire? Descriptions of my carnal delights? They are unfolding by the minute... I am never as I was and always as I will be.

Hi again

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