A Point Of View, Men You Blew It  

rm_Mariahswind 70F
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7/12/2006 2:33 am

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3/14/2008 4:29 pm

A Point Of View, Men You Blew It

I wonder at times how many men really do want to have sex these days, from the amount of responses I wouuld tend to say dam bew.
I have beeh honest in what I wanted, offered to help, the descretion and just plain frendship to if that what was wanted. At present I have no friends that I could call or see. Not because I havent tried, but it seems no one cares enough to actually be a friend. This encludes sisters, other TS girls. I have for over 8 months tried to connect to a TS group originally started here, when I did,,I was rejected buy the controlling system, never did I get to chat with other sisters. Now with a son who is vitually cripped and a partner who is a survivor of a major heart attack to care for,, there isnt much chance I can even enjoy any sex play at all as there woulnd be much privacy. Maybe age has a lot to do with what men see and want, I just dont really care a lot any more. After a time,, all these blogs will vanish and no one will care that I was even here at all.

makemehot1962 63M

10/31/2006 1:03 pm

Hi: Mariahswind

I'm very sorry you feel that way. I just saw youe note and a glimps of your photo. I sure would be interested in helping you to feel better. You sure are cute. Tell me a little more please. How tall what sizes you know the usual stuff. I'm 6'3" tall and about 250. Love to enjoy life and sure could use someone special in the mix. Write back soon.

Always: Roger

ludwig202 64  
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4/18/2008 10:06 pm

super sexy...

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