Why Chicks Rule the World  

rm_MariGrrl 39F
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5/13/2006 3:26 am

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10/22/2006 5:47 pm

Why Chicks Rule the World

What can I say, my post about what I would do if I were a man inspired me. I was reminded of all the reasons being a woman is so fuckin wonderful.

1. Ladies Night... no cover, cheap drinks, any questions?

2. We have the boobs... we can look at em, grab em, jiggle em whenever we want.

3. Cosmetics... some may think this is a drawback. but, I've been thinking and its a good thing. we can change our look to suit our mood and cover up any of mother nature's cruelties.

4. We can sunbathe in the nude, fall asleep, and not worry about making a sundial when we have one of those dreams.

5. Multiple orgasms... let me repeat that one... MULTIPLE ORGASMS

So ladies, what makes you glad you're a woman?

Oh, and sorry bout the pic guys. It was just so damn cute I couldn't resist posting it.

Seriously_Real 48M

5/13/2006 5:05 am



rm_zahuma2 50M
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5/13/2006 6:20 am

I agree with you .....
But chicks must also understand that men are always looking forward for taking them to their bed.
Be courteous to satisfy us

rm_zahuma2 50M
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5/13/2006 9:59 am

    Quoting rm_MariGrrl:
    << is very courteous in and out of bed
Ok.... I trust you but ...

How can you prove that?

rm_zahuma2 50M
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5/13/2006 10:18 am

    Quoting rm_MariGrrl:
    Hmmmm.... you got me there. I guess I can't actually prove it. You'll just have to take my word for it.
That was a fast answer ...
Since I've just seen your eyes
would say that your eyes are like windows to your soul!

I trust you

Kisses for you

Ginnung 37M

5/13/2006 12:13 pm


The picture reminds me of a private Halloween party (not an AdultFriendFinder-style party, to be clear) a long time ago. A rather delicious (and at the time single) temptress had dressed up in bondage gear with a leash, and was very sweetly asking randomly selected men if they wanted to be her doggie. Ironically enough, she didn't find any takers, but at one point the female half of a couple there asked her BF if he would be her doggie. He, of course, immediately agreed, and there were a lot of bad jokes.

Now, I'm a brilliant and frequently evil person. So I got up and got a can of beer and a bowl. Shortly thereafter the silly bugger was lapping beer out of a bowl on all fours. I still mock him about it, though he maintains that he regrets nothing done for the woman he loves.

*Sigh* I love the crazy people that are my friends.

n0tatalker 39M

5/13/2006 1:21 pm

about the c0smetics...
y0u can c0ver up the ugly, but y0u can't c0ver up the stuuupppiiiddd!

mycin62 54F

5/13/2006 3:19 pm

PMS!!! Who else can have a documented medical reason to be a BITCH once a month and get away with it

n0tatalker 39M

5/13/2006 5:10 pm

    Quoting rm_MariGrrl:
    mmm, okay... here's hoping you weren't referring to me.
i was making 1 of those sweeping generalizations i luv so much!

Cowboy_Deluxe 38M

5/13/2006 5:45 pm

Aww, damn I got beat, but I'll put into more brash terms.

I enjoy the natural look of a woman, some women hide behind their makeup, and if that grows self esteem..damn.

Have a good weekend though.

savagemodel1899b 44M

5/13/2006 9:58 pm

Good Point, only a woman would think of this...

The Savage

savagemodel1899b 44M

5/14/2006 1:32 pm

yea yea,

well when I grab you boobs you dont jiggle and bounce anymore.. Whats up with that.. Its liek an antijiggle touch or something

I guess I'll just have to keep my hands to myself...

The Savage

savagemodel1899b 44M

5/14/2006 6:27 pm

Thats the thing I hate the most.. DAMN the woman who invented that thing.. DAMN HER....

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