What's the big deal?  

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4/13/2006 9:37 am

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What's the big deal?

I was out one evening with three of my friends from high school. We were partying it up while I was back in my hometown. The first one, has been with her husband since high school (about 10 years now), the second one lived with her boyfriend, and the third was newly divorced and just started seeing a guy.

We rented a suite with a jacuzzi in a small resort town nearby. After getting settled in, we all fixed ourselves up and hit the little bar district downtown. I don't know if it was the shots, the pheromone body spray (I swear she bought the wrong kind), or just the fact that I was back home with three of the wildest friends I've ever had. But, something was in the air that night. I did something very out of character for myself... I kissed a girl. Well, I kissed three girls actually.

I vaguely remember us discussing good kissers. We were joking around about the different kissing mishaps we've had. You know em... the overly horny guy that rams his tongue down your throat, or the one that forgets to swallow his spit and slobbers all over ya, but I digress...

At some point in the conversation one of my friends asked me if I thought I was a good kisser. Well, not trying to brag, but hell yes. I have been known to make a few men melt in my day. So she tells me to prove it. Man was she shocked, cause just to be a smart ass I planted one hell of a toe curler on those lips of hers.

It just got crazier from there. The four of us all end up in the middle of the dance floor in front of the stage lip locking one another and arguing over who's best.

So, the next day we all head home and tell the men in our lives what happened. I was married at the time and my hubby's response was, "Why don't your friends get that drunk when I'm around?" My recently divorced friend had a similar response from her new beau. The one that had been with her hubby since high school just blew it off... "So what, I've known those three so long they don't even count as chicks anymore." The last one shocked me. My friend with the live in boyfriend was told that she disgusted him and to keep her freaky ass away from him. They eventually made up. But, I gotta wonder, what the hell is wrong with this guy. It was all in fun, it didn't go any further than some playful kissing and dancing. Oh well, glad he's not my man.

There you have it, my one and only same sex adventure. I know... pretty vanilla, huh?

norprin5 55M

4/13/2006 10:07 am

my reaction would have been

King Nor XVIII

Ginnung 37M

4/13/2006 11:08 am

ROFLMAO That's your big adventure, is it? This amuses me terribly, since I consider myself terribly vanilla, and... well... that's vanilla.

I should post my big story one of these days. Ironically enough, it's nonsexual, and I was actually a virgin at the time.

Ginnung 37M

4/16/2006 10:01 am

I'll post my tale of angst, sudden love, sacrifice, and being pinned to a bed and tortured by two people one of these days. *Wink*

In retrospect, I'm a little more open to people of the same gender flirting with one another because of the company I keep. It was one a rule amongst my friends that it wasn't a party until John kissed a guy. Fortunately, this rule is no longer in effect, largely because people started to suspect him of trying to remove their uvulas with his tongue. There is no excuse for inept kissers.

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