The Battle of the Little Big Horn  

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6/19/2006 11:14 pm

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10/5/2006 5:48 pm

The Battle of the Little Big Horn

1876: Lt. Colonel Custer received orders to lead his troops to the Little Big Horn to escort the Native Americans there back to the reservation.

2003: MariGrrl is ordered by the presiding judge in her custody/visitation hearing to escort her child to and from visits with Mari's ex-husband.

1876: Following his orders, Custer begins the journey on his trusty steed. He and his troops marched forward to Garryowen.

2006: Following her orders, MariGrrl begins the journey to Iowa in a rented Pontiac G6. She bravely drove on while jamming the satellite radio.

1876: Once he arrives at his destination, Custer encounters a serious threat (he is vastly outnumbered and has underestimated the natives).

2006: Once MariGrrl arrives at her destination she begins the trip home, encountering a serious threat of her own as she approaches the Little Big Horn (The one bathroom in the state of Wyoming was located in a gas station that wasn't even open and now as she moved into Montana her hunt for the elusive rest room continued with more urgency)

1876: The battle ended with the demise of Custer and his men.

2006: After many false hopes and one very scary port-a-john Mari found an acceptable truck stop and victory was hers. Everyone in the Pontiac survived.

1876: A couple days later the bodies of Custer and his men were discovered on the battle field.

2006: A couple days later Mari was home enjoying the comfort of her own lilac scented bathroom.

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

6/20/2006 6:39 am

Ahhhh is victory not sweet..??...Ready


rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/20/2006 10:52 am:
very sweet indeed

norprin5 55M

6/20/2006 1:27 pm

2007: Mari heads out on her annual trip, secure in the knowledge that she has plenty of Depends protective underpants in the trunk...

King Nor XVIII

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/20/2006 5:12 pm:
lmao... to hell with that. I know where the bathrooms are now. Those bastards won't have me dancing in my seat again.

p33c3y0 42M

6/20/2006 3:27 pm

lol ... this was excellent ... southern wyoming is very much what i would imagine being on the moon to be like ... though the moon may have more bathrooms ...

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/20/2006 5:14 pm:
LOL... One damn bathroom in the whole state and it didn't open til 11am on sundays. Too bad for me it was several hours earlier when I passed thru.

rm_kelli4u2dew 41F
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6/20/2006 5:33 pm

And that is the reason I always carry TP in my car.

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/20/2006 10:16 pm:
The TP I had... but something to hide behind as traffic wizzed by I didn't...LOL. Guess I need to learn not to be so bashful.

rm_kelli4u2dew 41F
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6/20/2006 11:24 pm

I'll admit, 12" high weeds spaced 30 feet apart doesn't give much cover, but just pick the next farm road (there's one every 20-30 miles or so) and drive 30 miles (until you're past the curvature of the earth thing) and you'll have privacy. The people the road belongs to only use it to go to town once a month.

Besides, what's the chance someone you know will see you?

1000ft_above 45M

6/22/2006 12:54 am

The human conquest...what a majestic and wonderful thing.

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/22/2006 11:32 am:
LOL.. I don't know how majestic it was... but it did involve a throne.

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