Manly Men  

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2/17/2006 4:29 pm

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Manly Men

What is it that seperates some men from the rest of the herd? Why do some men seem to naturally have the strength to do what others fear most?

Before you answer... you need to ask yourself.. what makes a man strong?

Well, most men that follow the stereotypical path to strength and manliness, don't believe in showing weakness. They keep their feelings bottled up inside and don't let on when something (or someone) has touched them emotionally. I just want to make it clear... that is not what true strength is. True strength cannot be found without first allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Those men that spend their lives jumping from one meaningless relationship to the next... or pushing away those closest to them... are cowards. The man that opens his heart and takes a chance on love... even if it ultimatley means pain... is a brave man, a respectable man.

So, for any guys readying this and feeling a bit insulted or attacked... it's not to late... take a chance, look at the woman you're with as more than just a sexual being, open your heart. Because nothing in life worth having, can be gained without risk and hard work (love especially). And if things don't pan out and you get hurt in the end.... at least you had love for a while. Nobody can ever take that away from you.

TommyJ1977 45M

4/9/2006 4:53 am


Out of all your posts I can't believe you got no comments on this one. perhaps too serious an issue. I have a recent post commenting on this so as to not clutter up your blog. You have so much to say and I charge all the people who visit you here to really listen. You touch alot of people with your words, keep it up. I am proud to have you as a lifelong friend. Many thanx....


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