I Have A Mental Disorder... please take what I say with a grain of salt  

rm_MariGrrl 39F
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6/1/2006 12:20 am

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10/19/2006 5:06 pm

I Have A Mental Disorder... please take what I say with a grain of salt

It was pointed out to me recently that liberals all suffer from mental disorders. Apparently we are Anti-American, hate spewing, Marxist, Commie-loving, brain dead sheep.

And here all this time I thought I was a fun loving gal with big boobs and the occasional potty mouth. Boy, was I wrong.

So should I change my life. How do I go on knowing that I suffer from this severe mental defect. I have been informed that the only cure is listening to Rush Limbaugh. To that I say... let me die a hateful brain dead sheep. I've heard his rants before and would rather stick toothpicks under my fingernails while douching with a lit blowtorch than hear his fat fuckin know it all ass call me a femi-nazi again.

I tried being nice... I tried sticking to the facts. But, obviously in my current mental state I must have gotten confused. Because when insults started flying and I jumped in to stick up for some fellow bloggers, I was attacked as well.

I could take the high road. I could turn the other cheek. I normally would...


Anyone who would accuse me of being uneducated or unpatriotic obviously hasn't read a damn word I've ever written.

If I'm fucking stupid... the bloggers who agree with me are stupid... and Bush & Rush are smart... then all I have to say is...

I hope someone really fuckin stupid gets elected

I would apologize for being so blatantly sarcastic. But, this mental disorder of mine stops me from giving a flying fuck!!!

pmaster71 45M

6/1/2006 12:46 am

rolmao....loved it

Ginnung 37M

6/1/2006 1:03 am

Bah. I'm Canadian, and so a certain modest amount of Anti-Americanism is mandatory. Being liberal is a fringe benefit.

I see this as an extremist thing. Two groups of moderates hear what the idiot extremists on the other side are saying about them, and that makes them sensitive to criticism of their IDEAS rather than them as PEOPLE. So suddenly anybody who disagrees with your point of view must be a warmongering baby-killer or an Anti-American communist, because somebody who also has that view also happened to be one of the above, and was loud enough to get onto the news because of it.

All the venom and obviously dehumanizing accusations just drive the two different ideologies further apart, making the moderates more extreme. This is a blueprint for a fractured country.

n0tatalker 39M

6/1/2006 1:49 am

oh praise jesus, siddhartha, m0ses, azazel and vishnu!... im out of p0litical c0mments!

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

6/1/2006 5:00 am

Right the fuck on Grrl....I don't know WTF this is about but ANY DUMB ASS MOTHER FUCK would know, thats just BULL SHIT...You SO go Grrl just another brain dead sheep following the herd...Ready


norprin5 55M

6/1/2006 9:34 am

<~~~*hiding the toothpicks and blowtorch*

Maruluv, it seems to me (from my twisted Canuck point of view) that the left has to learn to deceive, cheat and steal...Dubya stole his first election, and deceived the American public and the world to get into his war on Iraq

King Nor XVIII

flagg134 36M
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6/1/2006 3:59 pm

This is the reason you will never see a political post upon my blog. Hey what do I know though my party has a Jackass for a mascot. I suppose non-progressive back-asswards thinking is the way to go. Why come up with good points to justify your argument when you could just say listen to Rush. If you are going to make an argument base it on facts and your own viewpoint. To base your opinions and arguments solely on anothers would be to become a SHEEP.

But hey what do I know I'm just a lamb headed to the slaughter BAAAAHHH!!!


blueguy1051 60M

6/1/2006 4:33 pm

ROFLMAO Girl, you just got put on a watch list ... but one of the good kind.

blueguy1051 60M

6/1/2006 4:45 pm

If you haven't gone back and read his response to my comment, you should. It's a post in itself. I have been accused of saying one hell of a lot more than I said, including, I think, every assertion by every person in Blogland who disagrees with him. I think I got to him.

rm_kelli4u2dew 41F
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6/1/2006 6:12 pm

Hi, I was sent over here by a white-haired dirty old man with half a brain. My name is Kelli. Pleased to meet you.

pandoo5 60M
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6/1/2006 7:19 pm

Mgrrl what you think about next candidates and did you ever thought of next bush?

rm_funinic 49M
823 posts
6/2/2006 10:02 am

Without conflicting political views, without active participation in any kind of dialogue, either as part of the actual political process or merely between citizens, our country would not exist nor be as responsive to the people.

There's a reason why most of the world's immigrants still want to come here. That's a big part, they're trying to get away from true dictatorship, oppression, authoritarian or totalitarian governments.

Despite the bluster on either side of the political continuum here, we're far from any of those things and until there's a major change to the Constitution that will continue.

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/2/2006 3:18 pm:
I totally agree. No matter what side of the fence everyone is on, we should all be grateful that we can voice our opinions so freely. Name calling and generalizations piss me off. But, all take those over the alternative any day.

rm_ajahn2 65M
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6/2/2006 10:17 am

Here, here. or should it be HEAR, HEAR!?

May all beings be at ease

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/2/2006 3:19 pm:
LOL... I think either one works

p33c3y0 42M

6/2/2006 11:20 am

commie ... lol ...

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/2/2006 3:19 pm:

concupiscentKid 40M

6/2/2006 1:02 pm

During antebellum days, runaway slaves were considered to be afflicted with a mental disorder (it even had a specific name which escapes me). I was told that 'liberalism is a mental disorder' comes from Michael Savage, who makes Rush and Sean sound moderate.
I agree with the pixilated pinkos--this administration reproduces the worst features of what it claims to criticize. Administrations that put too much of a premium on patriotism and symbols are generally totalitarian.

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/2/2006 3:23 pm:
Michael Savage is much more of an extemist than Rush from what I've heard. I have listened to Michael Savage's radio show. I was traveling cross country and got in an area where unfortunately the station he was on seemed to be the only one I could pick up. It didn't take long until I was arguing with the radio. My even-tempered husband could only look on and laugh. If ever I was to become stricken with a mental disorder that would have been the time and place for it to happen...lol.

jakblack36 48M

6/2/2006 6:56 pm

Thank you for stopping by my blog. As a paramedic who works in Chicago, I see many people with mental problems. I call them Republicans. On a more serious note your photo for this blog says it all. We need unity. We need to stick together. I have seen your photos and want to stick on you..like a band-aid

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/2/2006 6:59 pm:
lmao... a band-aid, huh

Haven't heard that one in years.

Thanks for the compliment and for visiting me as well

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