Dear Yappy Dog Owner Who Lets Her Rat Shit In My Yard:  

rm_MariGrrl 39F
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5/3/2006 10:23 pm

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4/2/2007 9:01 pm

Dear Yappy Dog Owner Who Lets Her Rat Shit In My Yard:

I see you come home from work everyday and rush to take you're yappy little ankle biter for a walk. I know why you are in such a hurry. It's because foo-foo or whatever the fuck that rat is called, hasn't had a shit all day.

It would make too much sense or be too responsible and uncreative of you to let your dog shit in your own yard. So, you walk the little chew toy around the block and let him shit in my yard and the yards of my friends (who, btw, have dogs that don't shit in my yard).

I have asked politely. I have hung pooper scoop bags on the end of my driveway as a hint. I have given the look of death and called you many vulgar names (to your face and behind your back). You are the densest fucktard ever.

So, no more talks or hints. No more yelling "Hey fuckin bitch, your dog shit in my yard! Get back here and clean it up!" Nope, I am just gonna return to you the property you accidentally left in my yard. Hanging on your doorknob, below this note, you will find a nice big bag with a smiley face on it. Now be careful cause it's pretty full.

This is every piece of dog shit I could find on the block. I'm sure not all of it is yours but I'm feeling generous today. I will also be generous the next time your dog leaves a present in my yard. I will wax your brand new mustang with said present. Understood?

Enjoy your dog shit and remember have a nice day!

Your neighbor,
The woman who's own dogs know better than to shit in the front yard.

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

5/4/2006 12:59 am

DAMN now thats some funny SHIT...I truly believe these simpletons do shit like that for the ATTENTION....Ready


mycin62 54F

5/4/2006 6:57 am

LMAO!!! I got an asshole neighbor like that too. She lives right next door. I just fling the shit right back into her yard!

curvymeli 39F

5/4/2006 9:20 pm

hahahaha, luv it Mari. Good for you! But I have to say 'shat' is the past tense of shit, as in "Hey fuckin bitch, your dog shat in my yard!"

sexyariesgirl 57F

5/5/2006 4:05 pm

GOOD FOR YOU GIRL! Oh God I am still laughing my ass off at this one!

Power To FOK

VCF1962 105F

10/8/2006 11:29 am

They're like that here too - let their dogs shit all over the street and pavement so you walk it into the carpet. Scum of the earth.

Mistress Innuendo
Taking what you say and turning it into something naughty !!

rm_MariGrrl replies on 10/10/2006 9:19 am:
It drives me crazy... my own dogs are trained to go in a specific place in my backyard. I have kids and I don't want to take any chances with them stepping in a landmine.

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