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rm_MariGrrl 39F
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6/5/2006 8:00 pm

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6/13/2006 12:00 pm

Blogger's Ass

I am afraid this new addiction of mine is having some bad side effects.

The main one that concerns me is the fact that my ass and my desk chair are becoming one. I'm not sure if the chair is molding to the shape of my ass or vice versa. But, its scaring the shit outta me.

Prior to my blogaholic episodes of late, I had started going to the gym again. I was making some real progress... walking around just beggin for people to grab my ass.

So, back on the workout program I go! I'm not trying to get twiggy or anything. I just wanna make sure when I hit the dance floor stuff doesn't move that shouldn't.

I'm happier when I'm working out too. I have more energy, sleep better, and it gives me a damn good reason to take a little alone time away from my little darlings.

Plus, I'm just that fucking I can't help it, its true. I wanna look damn hot when I head back home this summer.

From now on I will be eating healthier, getting more active and drinking lots of fluids.

Only a couple burning questions haunts me.... just how many calories are in southern comfort anyway? And, does sex count as an aerobic workout or weight training?

SleekIcilyVarix 41M

6/5/2006 8:18 pm

1 fluid ounce of 100 proof whiskey is 82 calories.
As the proof goes down, so does the number of calories.
Your commitment to a healthier lifestyle is commendable and admirable

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/6/2006 10:19 am:
Thanks Fireslide

HeartlessBitch69 46F

6/5/2006 8:38 pm

Sex counts as an aerobic work out! Weightlifting if your the dude lifting my fat ass up and down on his C***! lmao!

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/6/2006 10:20 am:
LMAO... aerobics it is!

winona12341940 71M

6/5/2006 8:44 pm

Have sex 14 times and you'll lose 1 pound. Hell, I've lost 2 pounds this week.

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/6/2006 10:21 am:
14 times... only 1 pound? I could burn more doing the dishes! LOL... of course dishes aren't as much fun

digdug41 49M

6/5/2006 8:52 pm

sex would be cosidered cardiovascular exercise I think and there aint nothing wron gwith keepin the junk in your trunk nice and fit LOL have fun exercising

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/6/2006 10:24 am:
Thanks, I just wanna make sure that when I'm dancin it moves where I want it to. I'd don't want to start goin' full force and knock over the people behind me. Guys should run for it... not from

maverick1255 51M
3953 posts
6/5/2006 9:07 pm

I think sex can count as BOTH aerobic and weightlifting. It all depends on how you do it!!

Way to go with the gym. I have been kicking myself for the last 2 weeks to get off my ass and start exercising again. I need to for the extra energy.


rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/6/2006 10:26 am:
I'm hoping I'll have some sort of result before my upcoming move. This is just the first step in my new fitness program. Next up, no more smoking. Now that's gonna be the hard one.

flagg134 35M
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6/5/2006 10:14 pm

Nothing with the gym thing looking good tends to help people feel good about themselves. Also a good way to meet good looking people so you can get that after workout in. Sounds like the perfect circuit to me weight train at the gym then get your aerobics in at home and spend the whole time with a smile on your face.


rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/6/2006 10:28 am:
I like the way you think

bulging_boy 49M

6/6/2006 1:39 am

Begging people to grab your arse?

Yeah rite!

Other way round... I'm sure!

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/6/2006 10:29 am:
You should have seen the looks I would get. I'd leave the gym and pretty much everyone I knew got an invite to gimme a squeeze. They didn't

norprin5 55M

6/6/2006 7:11 am

*checks out Mari's ass...*

looks good to me, Mariluv

King Nor XVIII

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/6/2006 10:30 am:
I think maybe every month or so I should post an ass pic. Now that would give me some motivation.

concupiscentKid 40M

6/6/2006 10:58 am

Exercise and a healthy diet are always a good idea.
The benefits go well beyond looking good.

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/6/2006 11:04 am:
Yeah, I always feel better when I'm in shape. I also try to drink just water (I get my calcium and vit C from other sources). That alone can so wonders for feeling healthier and it really helps with skin tone too.

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

6/6/2006 4:31 pm

To hell with walking I'm going to start fucking and drinking more lol...Ready


rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/6/2006 8:04 pm:
LOL Ready... I can see it now... we could write our own fitness guide...

Hungry? Stick something in your mouth!
Thirsty? Have a shot of whiskey!
Need to burn some calories? Go get yourself some!

Sounds like a good plan to me

allboutbiz 42M
5 posts
6/6/2006 11:04 pm

have you seen some of the new videos? sport fucking is the new thing. if you see it, yes it is definetly aerobic and weight training; and damn, who cares how much southern comfort it takes to lower your inhibitions, because the sex is gonna burn it off. lol.

rm_MariGrrl replies on 6/7/2006 10:35 am:
Sport Fucking videos... Porn??? LOL, sorry, yeah I've actually heard of those videos. The stripper workout sounds like fun too. Maybe I could use that as a warm up.

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