tie me up and do as u will.. wowza!!  

rm_MamCsDawne 46F
290 posts
11/27/2005 5:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

tie me up and do as u will.. wowza!!

again .. i will let the photo speak for me.. a picture is worth a thousand words..

rm_grabandgrawl 42M
15 posts
11/27/2005 5:36 am

I love the pic.Lokks like I could lick, suck ,and spank that ASS!

AughtMusedSpill 48M

11/27/2005 7:06 am

a thousand moans more like! whew H O T

MamChelle 48F  
1443 posts
11/27/2005 2:14 pm

HEHEHe, looks like the cowboy got ya slightly roped there Sis...and was the ride worth the saddling?? Damn...!!

rm_MamCsDawne 46F
218 posts
11/27/2005 2:43 pm

well lets just say i was tied up for a very long time and i come out with a great big smile.. gotta love the cowboy..

cumoncowboy69 47M
28 posts
11/27/2005 5:29 pm

What cowboy? Where cowboy? Who cowboy? When cowboy?...dam, I miss all the fun.

rm_MamCsDawne 46F
218 posts
12/5/2005 12:23 am

nope u were there.. unless i was blindfolded.. and ummm u left and put some other big brawny cowboy in your place.. ..... oh wait.. i was blindfolded.. damn.. the world may never know..

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