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10/16/2005 10:58 pm

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My sis always says that I am a cammillion.. guess that is kinda true cause I love to change my appearance at the drop of a hat. My man loves this about me (but dont notice unless i point it out).. he loves the fact that I am free.. that i change when i want and how i want.. one day i went to work with beautiful long hair.. and come home with really short hair.. some days im a blonde, then a redhead.. i have had most every profesional color u can think to have. and most of the different styles too. Guess that comes with the field of work that I'm in. I am a Cosmetologist. In my field of work you cant sell your products if u are afraid to try them out.. who better to be guinea pig than me!! So I guess MamChelle, my sis is right when she says im a camillion. But she is a camillion in her own way also. I wont elaborate on this.. but she knows what i mean.. But I guess in some ways all women have to have certian elements of change in their lives from time to time to keep it interesting... ok enuff of this.. im done for the night.

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10/17/2005 5:32 am

Just some of the facets that make women the wonderful and complicated diamonds they are. Shine bright and keep everyone guessing.

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